Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ungu First Time In Kuching @ ACBE2012

Ungu In Kuching For The First Time
 at ACBE2012 on Saturday, 1 December 2012

It was definitely a night to remember and what a wait it was.., pheww..!

Was on my feet the whole time, in the rain waiting for Ungu to sing my favorite songs and it was worth it! Pasha is super cute y'all!! OMG ;)

We had tickets for the VIP & Xzone area, the view was superb!

This was Ungu's first time in Kuching and it was the first concert for me since the longest time. We brought together with us 5 umbrellas and by the end of the night, still the girls went home soaking wet, had the best time, tired from standing for 4 hours but, they left the award show with broad smiles on their faces... So glad they enjoyed themselves, we all did! Me and sayang really 'feel' the songs baybeh! :)) The whole family is a huge fan of Ungu. Definitely a night to remember :D

Powered by Sarawak Energy, Celcom..

Thank you so much era fm for the tickets!

Literally bumped into Zee Avi while waiting for ACBE2012 to start

She went to watch awesome Ungu perform on her 14th birthday :)

Happy Birthday My Hani Darling! Mama Love You Very Much
And So Proud Of You. Belajar rajin rajin k? :*

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