Monday, December 31, 2012

No More Pasar Minggu Rojak Kuchei

Change is always good. 

But, leaving the past behind knowing you won't ever experience them again is saddening sometimes. The 'pasar minggu satok' had its last Sunday yesterday and they're moving to another location. If I'm right, the new place is called 'Medan Niaga Satok'. Hurrr.. I donce like it! -____-

'Pasar minggu satok' sounds so , Kuching.
The other name sounds , Semenanjung-ngish.

Why didn't they come up with a more local name??

Can't believe the 'pasar minggu satok' I've known all my life will no longer be there. 

Up to when the house was demolished alongside with other neigbbouring houses to make way to the now Bangunan Satok, this is what's left of my darling paternal grandparents' home. 

It was located exactly where the entrance of Bangunan Satok (facing Jalan Satok) right now. Oh goshhh..! Can't imagine how my late grandma Nek Am was feeling when the house was demolished :(

Here I am feeling all gloomy and grey for we're all going to miss the iconic pasar minggu satok and rojak kuchei (burnt down last night), and they're not even the home we lived in raising our children through Japanese invasion up to Merdeka and to the first family car. *I feel you Mak Nenek. Allah please bless her soul* I miss that house. I'm still waiting for my cousin to reply me to give the exact year when the house was built.. most probably almost 100 years ago.

Hmmm... yaa.. When I think of 'pasar minggu satok', I always remember this house. We would sit (my cousins uncles aunties and I) at the huge warm nice gorgeous balcony (as big as a living room!) and watched cars on Satok Road pass by at the same time watching locals carrying their colorful plastic bags filled with fruits, veges, fishes, blooms, walking out of the 'pasar minggu satok' heading back to their homes, all stocked up for the week. 

No more of those.


My paternal grandparents' home, at Jalan Satok, in the making,
now the location of Bangunan Satok

My dad is the one with the naughty foot ;)

My uncles, aunts
My late Was Mos (above, top) was so handsome!!

Oh dear.. I'm all teared up.

Well well.. What did I expect? Things won't stay the way they are forever, no??
True true.

Darling Farah captured the last day of 'pasar minggu satok' yesterday.
Thanks love for letting me share some of your great shots here. 
All of those photos are super awesome dear ;)

setompok, heheeeee... ko ada?? ;)

All kinds of greens you need

Nyummss local kuihs perfect for breakfast, and tea

Bored kids nagging at you while at the pasar minggu?
Nah.. pick one toy only ya!

malu :)
these youngsters would help their parents sell the family grown vegetables during weekends

everything I need for my Laksa Sarawak & Laksa Penang!

Some for your garden too..

You'll never go home from pasar minggu feeling eye-sored, gorgeous 
orchids, roses, soil, gardening tools etcs.

Tourists always ask to be brought here. They shop, eat, sweat,
walk, take pictures and enjoyed themselves here

my kids' favorites, the crispy apam balik

fruits, local and imported

of course!!

It's a bit of a sad day for some Kuchingites. The Batu Lintang 'rojak kuchei' branch burnt down last night. Yeaa.. no more pasar minggu satok, no more rojak kuchei. That's how Kuching ends its 2012. Inshaa Allah a better 2013.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, from across the ocean, wishing you a very happy new year, and all best wishes.
Happy new year.

I have always been fascinated with Borneo or Sabah and Sarawak. Been to most of the towns, cities these 2 countries wayyy back in the late 70s, early 80s....
And yes, I used to do walkabouts at these pasar minggu satok.
Pity about the name change though.
I guess someone higher up got nothing better to do.

I really enjoyed looking thru your old family pictures.
As well the vegetables etc. Very nice and well taken too.

Incidentally, forgive me for being a busybody, but you Chinese or Kadazan or...?
Again, I am fascinated too with the various peoples of Borneo.

Wishing you all the best for the new year, keep a song in your heart.
ps, love your eloquence and humour.

Everyday Snapshots said...

Its sad indeed. Knowing that a good eatery spot was destroyed.

Everyday Snapshots said...

Ya its sad knowing that a good eatery place was destroyed.

Coffee Girl said...

i dined there just a few hours before the tragedy happened. wow...

Ida BorneoLove said...

Uncle Lee, I've a bit of chinese and melanau in me. My great grandfather was from chinese mainland, came to sibu and married my melanau/christian great grandmother. :) Thank you for your kind words.

Everyday snapshot, yah.. Loads of people don't like to new location. But we've to accept the change now don't we?

Coffee girl, I'm sure you're one of those people who're really gonna miss rojak kuchei. Hope they'll build a new place for them.

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