Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Handbag Appointment For Hani

This is what happens when you don't allocate time to declutter your
purse and handbag.

"Hani, I've a small task for you.."

... and handed her my handbag and purse.

"Kindly organize, please...Tq sayang mama."

Half and hour later..

"Mama, do you know you have more than RM60 worth of one ringgit bill folded (more like stashed!) everywhere, like every single pocket, corner, of your purse and handbag??"

So nice to see a clear space inside my handbag. Pheww... 
I've set another appointment for my Hani to meet my handbag next month.

Hanicomb Handmade promo ;) ~

bib necklace abby

Lin wearing hajar

bib necklace sofiya

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