Friday, December 7, 2012


Seri with her Heidi hair

It's her birthday month

Last Friday, on the eve of December 2012, we took the kids out straight from work. Loads to get done...

...advance birthday dinner, BIL's wedding gift, the girls' washing pale detergents and what not for the new semester etcs. It was a busy weekend, we're booked for Ungu on Saturday, and the girls are going back to campus on Sunday morning plus, sayang was flying to KL on Sunday evening, so, we tried to get things settled on Friday night and before Saturday evening arrived. 

Sayang decided to get a His & Her pen for the future bride & groom,
Faz (sayang's brother) & Iza

We picked a pair of Parker pen together... well, actually sayang did. I was already starving pacing back & forth just sayin' agreeing "Yaa yaa, nice nice, okay okay that one is good. Ok  ya, oh ya, this is nice too... Ok."

And had to wait quite awhile for the sales girl to do the engraving.

Done! Pheww....! We wouldn't be able to attend the wedding that's scheduled this Sunday in KL. My inlaws are already there, sayang couldn't stay after his Monday & Tuesday workshop as he just started working so, tak da cuti liawww.. We'll just be ready to get busy busy for the February reception. Congrats Faz & Iza! We do wish we're there.

Birthday girl Hani wanted Manhattan Fish & Chips but when we arrived at the diner, there were many tables that we noticed haven't been served yet. Too hungry, I said I wasn't in the mood to act polite and trying to look elegant when you're starving is just no fun at all. So we decided to have the food court fish & chips instead. It's as delicious and filling! :D


My darling always prefers the traditional, old man lah! :p

Can you tell what his face is saying..??

"Maa, don't hug me in public!"

Ayu & Seri
miss them so much during the week.. hmm, no one to do the dishes and laundry, no daughter to put away the clean cloths and to pick up my used towels on the floor. Aisaayyyyman, bummer. Queen me gone back to Cinderella me, sigh -___-'

"Sayang, I'd give you 10 bucks a day if you do the laundry everyday for me,

"Okay, OK! 15 bucks! Take it or leave it..


 with my babies ~ 30.11.2012

It's Friday and we're going to the new mall in a bit. 
I wanna check out what's the fuss all about.

Tomorrow, Saturday, spring clean and to put my new corner table at its place ^-^
Sunday... hmm, let sayang decide :)

Happy Weekend All and Have Fun !

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