Sunday, December 9, 2012

Faz Is Married

Faz with her new bride, Iza,
she's wearing my mother in-law's Sarawak traditional 'selendang', the Kelingkam, sewn with gold thread on 'kain Rubia'. I was told by an expert for the size of Kelingkam Iza is wearing, it could cost you RM10,000 to make one. *Gulp!*. I think I'll get mum to lend me one of hers (in black, green or the red above) when my daughters get married, in shaa Allah. The Ringgit notes bouquet is also made with love by my dear mother in-law.

Thank you brother in-law Faz for giving us a new sister in-law! :D
So bumped out we couldn't be there today... Hope to see Iza and you real soon :)


*photo credit- Andrew Khoo*

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