Friday, December 14, 2012

Belacan For Penyet

Ayam Penyet Chillipeppers 
the color is so so, but it is still sambal belacan :D Sedap!

Ayam Penyet.

You don't know Ayam Penyet?

I am not gonna tell you the story of Ayam Penyet here today. Not today. I've no info on its origin and I'm not about to search the web just so you can tell your friends at dinner tonight that Ayam Penyet actually comes from dot dot dot... Honestly, me no idea where or who's idea it was combining fried chicken with sambal balacan and named it Ayam Penyet. The 'penyet' part is another story, I know!! Buttttt...., not gonna tell. 

I love sambal belacan. I grown up eating sambal belacan with ulam ulam and with kicap mixed with sugar all that!

Anyways, back to my point. The last place I went for the ayam penyet didn't disappoint me. But the one before that, had me calling the owner to come over to my table and asked him,

...with a huge grin on my face, 

"You don't have the Raw Raw sambal belacan kahh?? This is 
sambal tumis..." :D

Well yeaaa....... smile a bit lorrr... 
You're picky enough, at least, don't give a bitchy face, kan?

"Err... this is how we serve our sambal now ma'am." Ok, Tq. *smile*

Hmmm, I was disappointed. Sambal tumis is not sambal belacan, that should be
accompanying the ayam penyet. Not nice at all. Few eateries in Kuching are practicing this already. This is clearly a sign of, 'malasness' (lazyness) and, for easy-storage. 

Darlin', 'easy' , 'short cut', don't get you far. And one or two particular eateries are doing it really the shortest-cut you could possibly think of... Replacing the sambal belacan with a ready to serve chili sauce! O_0, You know..? The chili sauce that comes in a gallon size plastic bottle?? You can say bye bye to me dear.

I don't really care if the sambal belacan color wasn't appetizing (like the one in the above pic) at all, or even if the sambal is lacking the pure taste of sambal belacan. Just don't serve the easy-way-out 'sambal tumis'. 

Not sure about you guys, but I prefer the Ayam Penyet served with the raw pure sambal belacan (who doesn't!!?). 

It'd be better if it is of pure kampong style! Wohhh..!! Slurrppp.. *drooling* ;)

But, please, not with the sambal tumis or chili sauce. 

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