Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ungu In Kuching For ACBE2012

Ungu performing in Kuching this Saturday, 1.12.2012

Her colleague; "Kak Ina, do you like Ungu?"

My twin sis Ina; "No, Ungu is not my favorite color.."

I don't want to be her sister right now :p
Ina, you gotta chill out a bit, work and study must push aside for a bit of fun sis ;)

I love Ungu's song.. and Pasha. Wohh myyy..., heheheee.. ermm.. He's cute, and his voice is enticing ;) And thanks a whole bunch to ERA fm Kuching for the VIP passes. I'm ecstatic and super excited. Darling hubby and kids are all Ungu fans, so, we're not gonna miss this one!  

If you feel like joining me, visit ERA fm Kuching fb page and find out where the cruisers are at (in Kuching). Catch them and get your free passes to watch Ungu in action this Saturday ;)

Ungu at Anugerah Carta Borneo era 2012

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