Monday, November 19, 2012

To Drink More Plainnn Water :)

my drink is always the humble plain water :D

The above pic you've seen before, the one below, you haven't. 

Just to show to my twin sis Ina that I HAVE been DRINKING a lot of PLAIN water. And also a good practice so we don't go beyond the family budget because we've been eating out regularly lately ~_~

Be it western, seafood or the local's favorite Singapore Chicken Rice, I'd opt for warm water each time. You notice how expensive drinks are these days?? I mean RM2.50 for a freaking teh tarek??! Woh! That's for one person, for a whole family you'd have to fork at least 10 bucks, that's for drinks alone. So, I've been working on a strategy and this strategy too has helped me to maintain my body weight at 49-50kg. Yup! Staying away from sugary drinks is one of the simplest (definitely not the most fun of all!) things you could do to shed that unwanted body fat.

Of course, I'd take small sips from sayang's teh tarek every now and then ("Adek, have you been drinking my teh tarek?? Halfff??")...

err.. no, not ThaT much I didn't :p

Well, temptation can't be avoided at times. But you know, I've been practising this habit for quite some time now and it truly helps with the digestion. Cold icy drinks is okay, sometimes, but, not too often ya? It does no good to your digestion dear, try to cut back if you can. 

one jumbo aik suam please :)

And speaking of drinking more plain water, the one time I can't avoid not drinking is during conducting my events. We'd start getting busy an hour before I blow the horn and when we start, I usually can't leave the floor. I'd be on my feet going back and forth or would be on the mic for hours, meaning..., no food and drinks for few hours. You see, I would always try to avoid the loo at all times during events, that's why I'd rather not have anything to drink so I don't have to worry about my over flowing bladder, if you will..

So, like other times, this situation happened yesterday. No drinks, loads of pacing back and forth, hours of standing and I didn't even realize I was coming down with fever (AGaiNNN!!). I was seriously lacking fluid I believe, that I think have made my body became weak lately... And, there I go again..! 

I think one of the reasons behind the ever too often getting sick me is because I don't drink enough water during the day. Sigh..

Thank God I managed to stay sane and reasonable throughout the whole afternoon. By the time everything was over, I was ready to eat a whole 10 servings of salmon sashimi with 5 gallons of water, with some fever flu reliever.

Post event, the norm :) *nYyyummmms!!*
Not enough time to snap the sashimi, too busy eating :D

Post meal, a little indulgence with the family ;)

My happiness :*

Happy Feet at 6pm. Me, with no care in the world. 
Sushi King overload, Magnum high, fever ...
what fever??

Let's go back to 2pm, the so called hard-working mode, before the 'happy feet',
...before Sushi King and Magnum ice cream :-

When looking at the photos my colleague took, I realize I 'say' 
a lot with my hands. Been a bit lazy to blow my hair straight lately.. ya

And my mouth, I'm the chatter box they used to call me... Still.

Hands to myself, feet working hard now. 

She's one of the top winners :D

Everyone's happy, me especially.
Salmon sashimi calling ma name alreadeh...!

"Mama, when we get back home afterward (in a very serious warning tone), you better
not get to your sewing table. You SHOULD rest ok ma?... Maa??"

"OKayy Seriii.. I heard youuu sayang."

There was no stopping me from trying to finish up my orders... I received few more
orders through the weekend, syukur alhamdulillah. Feeling slightly overwhelmed though, but, I'm so excited to get them all done in time :)

Have a productive week peeps! 

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