Friday, November 30, 2012

Sharing As Beauty Beauty Secret ;)

After using As Beauty for a month

I first noticed the effectiveness of this product after about 2 weeks using it. Of course, I'm always too busy to really scan my face in the mirror, most of the times I'd walked out the door without looking in the mirror first. 

Last week I realized my top was inside out, hmmm -_____-

Amidst the excitement and my endless worrying about the floor set up and all, I totally forgot to look inside the mirror for one last time before the event started. "Ohhh... I haven't even powder my face yet!!" The the camera was already clicking away..

"Wait wait.. wait girls! I run to the lady's room first ya??! Wait for me to come then we snap some more yaaa....??"

When I arrived in the washroom, I took a mirror to myself. WAhhh...! So happy, so clear, so bright I could really see my face... Been a longggg while since I have a whole mirror just to myself. Only then, after getting the compact powder out, I really noticed my face. My face, my skin...

I stood there with my MAC compact powder in one hand and just, stared at my own face in the mirror for a few seconds, a bit stunned looking at my own reflection. I thought, "Well, I don't need powder now, do I?"

Been so so busy with work and sewing I didn't even realize As Beauty has worked its magic on my face. 

The day I realized I didn't need powder :)
Pictures taken without me using compact powder

I ordered the trial pack at a very very affordable price, cost me only a bit over 50 bucks, which lasted me well over a month. Now I'm just waiting for my darling friend to deliver me the normal set. 

I'm not sure though if it would work on everyone. But it doesn't hurt to try, no?

Contact Ratna if you're interested ;)

My weekend tasks ~ To finish my bib necklaces orders :)

hanicomb handmade bib necklaces

Have a good weekend folks !!

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