Monday, November 5, 2012

Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 final

There we were, Amy and I, standing at the corner waiting anxiously for our turn to have our photographs taken with the gorgeous winners... Look look! Even abang cameraman couldn't hold his horses ;)

Amy was flown in all the from KK just for this event. She did an awesome 
job emceeing :) And she sings too!!

Wokay NoW!

Peeps, you're advised to standby with a small bucket because you're about to puke from the never ending shots of me myself and I. Thank you thank you...! A big pat on my back for the success of organizing the first ever Puteri Metro Riverside 2012. A super big thank you to Harian Metro!! :))

Interviewing one of the judges (head photographer from Harian Metro)

It wasn't just me, it was my colleagues, my friends, Harian Metro people (suuuperrr!!), the KK-imported emcee, the participants... Awesome team!! Had tonnes of fun, of course, my legs felt like they're about to get dismembered by the time we finished, but, everything went by as how we hoped it would. Sandra certainly deserved the win. 

above: Mag (Harian Metro), Amy (emcee), NgehNgeh and Anieta (judge) :D

And last, certainly not least, darling Mona (above far right) ;)
..... And and... Mag's little darling, Endot :*

Told ya you're gonna puke, heheeheee

What a proud day, not only I was left in aw by the beautiful costumes worn by all our 14 finalist, my friend Mona also came wearing one of hanicomb's creations, 'nia'. 

The finalist sashayed on the runway in jeans & tshirts, and finally, 
in traditional costumes of their choice ;

Nisya said, because it's the month of Deepavali :)

2nd runner up ~ Dolly

1st runner up ~ Marrelyne

Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 ~ Sandra

More photos of the event here

So proud of our diverse community :)

Last shot of the day..

Congrats again girls! So proud of you :)

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