Friday, November 9, 2012

Of Sunshine And Rainbows

And school's over!

With that plate of roti canai, Arman and I have just officiated the beginning of school holiday, Yipppeeeeee!!! :D

You know, they make me very very happy.

Sometimes when I'm down, just the thought of them would instantly raise my spirit again. I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again, it isn't easy bringing up children. A lot of things you have to... Umm, I'd like to rephrase that. Sounds like I'm making excuses that having a family at a young age deters one's ambition or, desire to achieve something. 

Had to put my studies on hold (till now :p) and travelling the world is simply just a little dream now. But honestly, I don't really need all that, I do have what I want, and what I actually need. I am happy... Europe can do later lah..!

It's every parent's wish to be able to provide and to give everything their children need. At any one time if my daughter planned to go for an outing with her friends, I'd like to be able to hand her few RM red notes without cringing. 

"Maa, I need to go to the Guardian..."

And it is true pleasure when I'm able to respond.. "How much do you need girl?" , with the widest grin. 

Yeahh.. sounds like it is all bout money kan? Well, everything is money, am I wrong? 

Syukor alhamdulillah, Ayu will be finishing her Diploma soon insyaAllah and we've managed without scholarships. And my little business hanicomb has given me a bit extra income at least, to cover my phone expenses and such :) And oh ya! That (weekly!!) sushi cravings, that trip to Paris (yuuuhuoooo!!), that thattt once in a while trip to the salon, .... hahaaahahaa, I'm sounding too pitiful aren't I?? heheheeee...

Well, what I mean is, God has given our family enough to get by. A nice roof above our heads, a steady income to buy what everyone needs, with good health (syukor alhamdulillah.. can't say enough) to look after the kids. 

Nice lunches and dinners don't come by often, we'd treat the kids whenever we can. Our favorite isssss... Seafooooooodd!!!

I love stealing shots from the other side :)

I love it whenever they start telling jokes and laugh at their silly pictures. 

Ahhhh... my sunshine, my rainbow, my angel and my sweetheart :D
I am gonna miss my Seri & Ayu when it's time to go back to campus in December,
oh man :(

So, I'm really gonna enjoy the school break. Spend as much quality time I can with them. Maybe try a new restaurant, or two. We LoVVVvvvve to eat y'all! ;)

"This cuti, Ayu, you clean this... Hani, don't forget the bathroom walls ARE in your jurisdiction, and Seri, don't forget what I told you to do few days ago girl... bla
blahh blahhh..."

"Arman, you're too close to the screen honey..."

There. The sweetness of life of having three grown daughters. Yeahh... mean, I know I can be mean at times. Let the madam of the house speaks :p

School holidays is all about cleaning people! Luckily I have extra hands to help... When they were babies, I had to do everything. But funny, I don't really remember all that I-have-to-do-everything moments. What I know now is, I don't really mind if things aren't cleaned yet, or the dry laundry is still in the basket not kept away in time. I try not to sweat it because it's not worth the stress. If I'm stressed out, the kids will run up to their rooms and hide away, which is, NOT what I want. Nooo problemmmo! They want to sprawl all over the floor on the dry laundry, be my guest. They want to leave their cups in the sink for the afternoon, go ahead, it is OKAY by me. 

I'm getting older too, don't want extra wrinkles now do we?? NO NO no..! :)

Yeap! You know what I mean.

The oily-faced-still-in-work-clothes parents =)
Heheheee.. We washed up before we have our dinner, it's the oily air.

Look, I ate more than him, ngeh ngeh ngehhh..!

In reality, he let me have more :D

Because.., he has no choice but to just let me ;)

"C'mon sayang, Smile!
I'll let you have more the next time we come here okay??"

So, I've two weddings to attend tomorrow. Decided to wear my mother-in-law's kurung at the 7:30pm wedding. Sunday is event day..., Coloring Contest for kids, peanut :D

I hope you have a fun joyful weekend. Drive safe, smile loads, watch what you eat, and drink more plain warm water. Till next post.. 


Sheila said...

Kak Ida..
I dont know how or where, but I always adore how you treat your children :)

f.i.e.z.a said...

rindok mek maca entry tok.

may ur family will always be blessed. amin :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Sheila, thanks so much dearest. We do our best as parents kan? We don't go for holidays much but, we have loads of fun eating :)

Fieza, that's awfully sweet of you love. May you too blessed with all happiness :*

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