Monday, November 12, 2012

November Weddings

I'm so happy I got to attend the two wedding receptions :)

So so happy you won't believe what I did! Hahhaaaa... err, nothing major, 
just something borrowed and, very old :p 

Wokay, as usual, I don't have anything (new) to wear to formal functions, not yet anyway... And to add to my confusions and unnecessary stress, I've to look for a kurung that had to match my 'atiqah' bib necklace. Yeaaa haa, as if I don't have enough things already tangled in my head, I just had to burden myself with this matchy matchy outfit thingy... Erggh ~_~

The Korean Silk sarong in blues & greens I've had it since Seri was 2/3 years old, that's like, ever since about 15 years ago! Archived. I love the color, love love!! That's why I've kept it this long, I love it too much to put it away in a box.

The green kurung top, is my mother in-law's :D
... which Ayu wore at the family reunion ;)
We love recycling!! hahahaaa :*

The happy guest...
No, I don't mind wearing old and lent clothing ;)
I was just so happy because was able to spare time to attend the happy occasions.

At Aelma & Salleh's wedding reception, they shot a little cute video/drama 
where Salleh was trying his best wooing his girl ;)
Super creative!!

At Saturday's 7:30pm wedding reception

At Saturday's 10am wedding reception

I didn't have my photo taken with the gorgeous bride (above in red & black) because I was already looking like my face was ready to fry roti canai, plus, colleague Suhada is just too fair for me :D I would look like a bibik standing next to her, serious. So, Syira & Suha (everyone's name with Ss yawww...?!!) made themselves useful for my shot. "C'mon ladies, need one pic for the blog now.."

Aaahh.. and speaking of weddings. Have you seen Diana & Farid's wedding pics?? Oh ok, whom am I kidding, well of course you have.

My oh my..! Isn't Diana one gorgeous bride?? This angelic face bride is off the market guys, you're too slow! Even without makeup Diana's beauty is simply breathtaking.

 Photos courtesy of ohbulan!

Yahhh..., What more can I say. Nang kacak!!

Congrats all three couples :)
May you be blessed with love, peace, good health, 
happiness and prosperity.

Whenever I'm at weddings these days, seeing parents doing the 'tepong tawar' ceremony on the dais make me think of my children's wedding one day. Picturing them getting married always brought tears to my eyes, and I would always have to take in extra deep breathing so the tears wouldn't continue flooding my eyes, don't want other guests to notice them now do we? NO No

Sayang said to me at Aelma & Salleh's wedding, "How are we gonna get through our kids' wedding kan sayang??"

"Yeahh.., you will have to carry a bucket with you on stage (the dais) for me baby, I'd be crying my eyeballs out." Don't say I didn't warn you Papa. 

OMG, my babies :/


That time will come, InsyaAllah. In the meantime, they are my babies. Alhamdulillah :)

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