Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not Cheap My Friend!

I uploaded these pics like days ago but couldn't find time to finish the post..

Darling friend Izan was around the area during lunch break and invited me to join her for lunch last Tuesday. You know, meals at hotels aren't cheap my friend. I'm so lucky to have friends who enjoy my company at meal time. Syukor alhamdulillah may Allah bless these kind people.

Indulging for me means, for the kids. I know I should give me myself a little bit of treat once in a while but, the family expenses are increasing by the month. The bank just called and the new schedule is out, I will need to add a little bit over a hundred ringgit next month on the usual monthly loan payment. So, why was I so hard on myself for the much needed once-a-year hair wash this morning before the big event?? There..., the answer you read earlier owhreadehh! ;)

Oh man! It was a good one, I would have let the hairdresser hit my head with a hammer if he wanted to, hehehee.. Err no. Love the head squeeze, the above the ear massages, ketok ketok on the temple, aaaaAAaaaAaaa... Nice! I should have snapped myself getting the hair wash but, I thought I was looking too tired for the camera. 

RM25 for a hair wash is pricey, I think. Some of you might think it's worth it (well I honestly think so too), but I wouldn't even do it on a monthly basis. This morning that hairwash was a must. Glad I went. 

Darling two daughters are studying at the Uni, price tag on my favorite sashimi has increased too. Nothing is cheap these days, so, the next trip to the salon won't be anytime soon. Waaaaaaa!!! *ugly crying face with watery eyes*

Hungry now. I'm gonna whip something up in the kitchen that would have to look similar to this platter...  Can can??

Ahh??! Got cucumber only hahh?? :/

Sandra (2nd from left) was crowned our
Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 winner.
More photos will be available at the fb page soon.

Darling Mona (far left) is wearing 'nia' bib necklace by hanicomb :D

>>> I really thought tomorrow's Sunday <<<


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