Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Wasabi For Him

My baby has been working so hard lately. Poor thing.., new environment, new colleagues, new work table (errmm, kinda old actually) with still some clutter he needs to sort out in his room. But, he's doing fine, alhamdulillah. Except for the first few weeks, where he had to take couple days of sick leave due to, 'environmental shock syndrome'.. HaHhaaaahaha LoL ;)

 He needs to loosen up a bit, and I know just what he needed :D

MADE him ate few yummy plates of Sushi King, yea I did!

"Dek, could you take away this orange egg thing..?"

Not exactly sushi.. NO no, he won't touch the raw salmon even if they're the last food
on earth! Ngeh ngeh Ngeh!! :))

No-Raw-Thingy for him, well... at least it's a start. And he likes soaking his roll in soy sauce you know, hehehee. Whatever, so long he can be a good company.

I'm just happy I won't have to stare at a I'm-so-bored-can't-wait-to-eat-ma-own-food-face for an hour while trying to enjoy my favorite indulgence. I was smiling teasingly (and happily too) when I see him stuffing each one in his mouth ;)

"I want that.., the one you fed me one time. You know?? It was sweet, got shred shred thing like pink white with creamy white sauce some sort like mayo? Which was it sayang?"

I knew what he was talking about, the kani mayo, but minus the orange lil' eggs. And he had the one with mix salad on top too, and the simple crab roll. AND, no wasabi. No wasabi, no raw fishy no little smelly eggs. NOTED sayang! :D

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