Monday, November 26, 2012

Gone Psycho

Youtube's such a great company when you're home alone. Hmmm.. Quiet house and bored, I had a song replayed over and over while finishing my orders till I couldn't take it anymore...

Picked up the ipad and started taking pictures of my monotonous surrounding. Then, I went a bit psycho. 





This is what happens when you leave a mama alone at home with her sewings, & a fully charged ipad, while kids & hubby goes kayaking.

Yup! Sayang just had to post this picture and tagged me while I was busy at home, all alone by myself, slaving myself trying to make extra money for everyone.. sigh. You believe his nerve?? 

Arman couldn't wait to try his hands on being the captain of the kayak ;)
Go Arman!! Yeah.. he's a natural leader, that's my boy :D

I was dying with jealousy, and was suffocating from drowning in my beads & thread. Honestly, I was feeling so bumped out I missed the fun. Not the fun for not able to face my fear of 'huge' waters, but I was sad because I wasn't there to see my kids' faces while they're enjoying their fun Sunday afternoon. 

OKAY Okay!!

Mama missed the fun what? SO WhaT? No sweat, no hal. I made sure I was compensated. 

with Durian Bom. Heheheee...

Well ya yaa... 

There are so many yummy dishes to choose from, chickens this and that, prawns cook with this and that, crab, omg! Crab with salted egg??! *drooling*, Err.. well, more like, 'wrinkling'. Look at me, so engrossed looking at the menu, even clenched my fingers wrinkling my forehead trying to figure out whether to try the RM45 fish or the sumptuous RM50 prawns..  

Seri's expression of the yummy Durian Bom! ;)

The place where we had our early dinner was the Awet Thai Seafood. Not gonna rave about it to you all, it's Thai food, you have brains, think. Think what Good Thai food tastes like. Tomyam Pandan Chicken Salted Crab Ikan Tiga Rasa and all, Thai Seafood people!! 

And the dessert.. The nice waiter suggested that we try the Durian Bom, warm on the outside and cool on the inside. That is D.U.R.I.A.N. ma friend! Thailand mari punya..! 
I don't need to say more, do I?? :)

Durian Bom!

And my day ends well, alhamdulillah. 

After that slight mental moment being left alone at home at noon, I went home beaming with joy after a good meal with my darling children and paymaster hubby later in the evening :D

Then, back to my (currently) second job ;)

Went to bed at 1am. Simply couldn't put the needle down, haisshh.. 

Till later.. 


willie said...

Wa rajin nye menyulam and your kids had fun without you. Hahaha!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Ya yaaa.. i was sad, but i myself decided to be left behind. Next time mesti ikut!! :)

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