Friday, November 23, 2012

fashionvalet Says No

I'll market and deliver them myself :)

When I first started, friends advised me I should try to sell my products on fashionvalet. I was reluctant at first but thought it would be cool too, so, I contacted them. 

As titled (for this post), they said no. They said they have enough headband vendors. Later, I sent another email asking them to reconsider my bib necklaces... But, there's no reply till now, I'm not surprised. It's okay then, no rezeki there I guess. Probably hanicomb handmade bib necklaces are better off on its own facebook page. 

I'm getting enough orders to keep myself on my toes anyways so, I'll just forget about the idea of putting my products on a shopping web site for now.

darling friend Alin wearing 'cinta' with matching headband ;)

I'm lucky though that I have friends & family who really support my little business. They are just a bunch of fabulous very humble simple people whom some had even purchased more than two or three items. Their kinds words and trust in my products have made me work even harder to come up with more designs, better products. Thank-you you lovelies!!

'cinta' is adorned with seawater pearls

Another 'balqis' in golden brown is in progress.

'"I've no name yet.."
She's made of rose quartz chips gemstone and swarovski crystal pearls

Christmas order list is filling up. A particular one is to be couriered to England as a Christmas present, that's super awesome!! Ehemm eHemm.. would you believe me if I told you it's for the beautiful Kate Middleton?? 

Heheehee LoL. I WiSh !

Who knows, maybe one day it will actually come true ;)


Sheila said...

Kak Ida! Sooo kacak!
I have something in mind. Will try to find time to contact u through your fb page :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Sheila, email also can dear :D Tq, I'll be looking forward to hear from u :)

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