Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cool Treats ;)

Everyone's favorite dessert

Creamy dairy drinks with main meal  (??)

How do kids do it???
Have a mixture of cold dairy drinks with pasta and such in your stomach.. How?? I honestly think only children are able to handle it. 

That was my treat, capturing fun moments my children were having :)

Enjoying their plates in cool ambiance

Results' out, alhamdulillah. All the best for your next semester girls! :*
And so they deserve a cool treat. 
We went to Secret Recipe.

An old man's choice, 
Sayang, this is an expensive eatery honeh! You don't order nasi goreng love.

Ahh...! That's my plate, very appropriate aehh??
Grilled dory in creamy lobster sause... Wahhh, very the orang puteh ;)

Errr.. no so minah salleh ~_~

Semenanjung and Sabah are enjoying quite a week haa? 
And I'll make sure to make full use of my public holiday tomorrow.

Hopefully to come up with a new design ;)

Happy Cuti All! :D


AB said...

Wah..makan mewah..that's what my son will say whenever he sees the next table full to the brim with goodies..n abt that nasi goreng..biasalah the paymaster will hv to give way to the children..hihi

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi AB, yayaaa.. memang mewah :)
Hahhaahaa..., that is so true. And that include me, I share the bill with him so i opted plain water only lorrr ;)

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