Thursday, October 4, 2012


This picture shows how happy I am, only God knows how happy I REALLY am.
And only God knows the pain I had to endure with every single step I take while accompanying my darling sayang shopping for some new shirts for work. 

Was trying to get a shot of me wearing Hani's flats, 
avoiding capturing sayang's sexy biceps & six pack abs! :p

The evening after Saturday's event, I made Hani switched her pink flats with my Hush Puppies wedges for few hours because my legs felt like they were about to fall apart after standing emceeing for 5 straight hours for Puteri Metro Riverside audition. 

My earth angel :)



Yaah! Post event (29.9.2012). Work for the week.., done.
Succeed? Without a doubt! Alhamdulillah... 
My head?? Zero thoughts.
Stomach? You don't want to be me right now.
Feet?? As if I was walking on burnt heated chipped glass.
(thank God for Hani's flats!)

My soul? Happiness :D

I've been feeling dizzy, worried, overwhelmed, discouraged, happy, excited,
confused, over excited, scared... everything you could feel!

The Bloom Bazaar will be this Saturday from 12noon till 6pm. I signed up (for the first time) and right now, I'm confused with the way I'm feeling. I am excited, but at the same time a little bit scared too. I do not know what to expect, I have no idea how I'm gonna do. Whatever the outcome of the sale, I'm prepared to accept. I worked hard on getting the products ready, I honestly hope 'hanicomb' will do well, InsyaAllah. I just wanna get there, set up, smile, sale, smile, sale, hopefully to do a lot of sale, smile, loads of smiling, clear, go home, and be ready for Monday to go back to work :)

Smile :D

I'd like to thank darling reader dadyana for this awesome post, I'm truly touched by your kind words, thank you again! Be sure to always update your blog, don't let it go unattended too long, say more nicer things about me (bluekkk! :p), give more craps for people to read, never name the people you want to badmouth... hmmm, that's about it. How am I as a blogger mentor?? :D


AB said...

Hi Ida, been a silent reader but was excited to see u at Spring last wk. Bump into u twice at Parkson n Food court, saw u with ur sushi, hehe...Sweet family.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi AB,

Why you didn't say hi??

heheee.. hope you didn't catch me when i was picking my nose LoL

The sushi fix was for the post-event drama. Thanks AB for being a reader, I truly appreciate your comment & support :)

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