Monday, October 1, 2012

Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 audition

It was a good day. A very successful event, I'm so happy!!

The turn ups were surprisingly encouraging and if I might add, very very promising 
and there were a lot whom actually are eligible to compete in the next round. 

I am also very anxious to see the photos that were taken that day but I've to be extra patient, team Harian Metro will pass me the pics real soon. *can't WAiTtt!*

The event that took place last Sunday was to look for 'Puteri Metro Riverside 2012' semi-finalist candidates. We're gonna shortlist between 25-30 girls for the semi-final and their photos will be published inside Harian Metro edisi Sarawak sometime next week or the week after for votings. 16 candidates with the most votes shall proceed to finals. 

Most of the participants who auditioned had what it takes to go to the next round, thus, giving us the judging panels a hard time choosing who should be in the semi finals. And Oh ohhhhh Myyyyy...! Sarawakian girls are so BeAUUTiFuLLLL! :D

At one point I had to be smacked on the head by my on-stage partner because I went speechless for a short moment when one girl left me in awe with her natural beauty O.O

we drilled each one on stage! ;)

Darling friend Datin Sharifah Suzana was brought in to head the judging panels. We chose her because she represents a successful individual, woman in particular. She's a lecturer pursuing PhD, very fashion forward, she runs a her own business (owns a boutique), a loving mother, a super cool friend and she wears make-up -_-

"Errr.. Ida. Don't wrinkle your forehead like that too often liawww... I thought I told you to give your cheek some colour today??"

Judging panel. 
Harian Metro photographer, Marketing Executives, Biro Chief,
and Datin Sharifah Suzana

some of the participants

I'll be uploading the pics a little bit later, so, 
stay tuned on 'Puteri Metro Riverside' fb page ;)

*** Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 final is scheduled on 4.11.2012 ***


KiKiHanakO said...

uwaaa jeles! hehe

Ida BorneoLove said...

Next year sis ;) Maseh sempat nak?

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