Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nadia with 'zarra'

Cool things happened in a span of two days..., Alhamdulillah, rezeki :) 

One of which is this pic of my cousin in-law all the way from Kota Kinabalu, wearing hanicomb bib necklace 'zarra'. I always got that super awesome feeling whenever a customer posts their photo wearing our product, super CooLLL! *YeaaYYyyy!!* Must blog one!

She is one very supportive family member I must say. Honestly 'zarra' looks so good on her. Thanks so much Nadia for the purchase :D

Nadia was also one of the first to purchase hanicomb pearls studded headband. She makes me wanna cry... She wore the headband for a special family pic :') Top pic Nadia wearing our bib necklace that was named after their first daughter, darling Zarra. Thanks again love! And thanks a million for the lovely name 'Zarra'... ;)

hanicomb pearls studded headband worn by Nadia in above family pic

Hanicomb has more bib necklaces coming your way. Well.. I do have loads of nieces heheheeeee... Next to to be uploaded inside our album is 'zura'. InsyaAllah, only little bits more sewing to do, I CAN't WaiT!! 

this very young adorable customer is wearing hanicomb 'nabihah' :)

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