Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Super Long Busy Weekend

Shouldn't be having coffee but, couldn't resist. Had to attend World Walking Day 2012 meeting on Thursday at Nestle office though I was on sick leave. I came as a muted event partner :) I had to go, they have this coffee machine and I helped myself to 10 cups!!  Free flow, cannot miss one!!


Up until last Monday night, that was my third visit to the doctor in a 16 day period. My cough has gotten worse so I decided to pay the doctor another visit. The last one was right before my Kids Halloween last Friday night... Doctor had advised me not to say too much at my event on Saturday. You can guess what I actually did.

abbeddi beddi bedooo bedoooo bedii....
yalaaaa yadaa yadda .....

I had 2 mics in my hands, who's gonna stop me??!
I couldn't not perform my duty. I thought, it'd be fine, a bit only maa..

Came Sunday, my cough became more intense. 
"What did you do on Saturday Ida?? I thought you said your assistant was gonna do
the emceeing??" Mdm doctor said to me with her wide eyes staring at me waiting for an answer.

I could only 0_0

* blink blink *

She jacked my mouth open, and flashed a jumbo torch light into my throat.

"Hmmmm.. it's definitely worsen. Your throat really need to rest. Otherwise you'll cough
yoursel to death.."


She gave me two days sick leave, with more mumbo jumbo medications that I really need to take religiously. Then, I used the 'free' time I had wisely. 

I came up with a LuLu for hanicomb ;)

Lulu is adorned with adventurine chips gemstones & sea water pearls.
Love it!! :D

No talking needed. I literally kept my hands busy the past two days. I'm gonna come up with a pink one too :) See if I could slot some time to do it, because sewing the chips gemstones takes hours to do. And I've a super tight weekend -___-

This coming weekend is packed with family & work activities. I'm cooking for Hari Raya Haji tomorrow. There's a huge family gathering this coming Saturday, I will be at World Walking Day 2012 by 5am on Sunday morning. Go back, shower, get my hair and makeup done by 2pm (plus gonna look for a super bling bling top) because the 16 Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 finalist will be receiving high heels from Lea Centre. The handing over will be covered by New Straits Times, Harian Metro & Berita Harian.

phewww...! manyak beezee owhh..

You really think I'm gonna get myself 'done' didn't ya?? ;)

Final meeting with Nestle on Thursday discussing on routes & safety.
Thank you DBKU! :)

The Borneo Post today

For those of you who didn't register, you're welcome to join the walk. If you arrive early that morning, you might be one of the lucky 100 to get the free WWD tshirt. Walk-ins are limited to 100 participants only on a first come first serve basis. Hope I'll see you there people!! 

Have a super long fun weekend and
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha :D


ChunB said...

Wow..super busy but do please take your med's on time and have more rest..Happy Hari Raya Haji and blessed weekend

Ida BorneoLove said...

ChunB, thanks so much.. I do need to be told, and to be reminded of. Enjoy the rest of your weekend too dear ;)

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