Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lesser Trip For Sashimi

I will have to take a step back.

I had a plate two nights ago, last Sunday, and I think last Thursday too...
I lurrrrve salmon sashimi, serious case people, very serious. 

Pic taken last Thursday where I bumped into Anor, like always,
who's also a sushi addict like me, Ngeeeheeee :p

Anor would bbm me whenever she stops by, sends me a photo and makes me drool over the phone. The other night she was there first before me, and when she bbm me, I was about to get ready to leave the house to feed my crazy sushi craving. I beat her to it this week, I went 3 times, she only went twice... Hahahaaa..!

Sayang said I shouldn't be indulging in sashimi too much, he enlightened me with a little story... Like eeuwww! I don't even know to believe it or not, but I do not want to disobey  my husband.

Lesser trips then ;)

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