Friday, October 12, 2012

Kuching World Walking Day 2012 Registration

my frame maker was wearing his WWD t-shirt when I came to collect
our framed family pic two months ago :D

To register for this year's World Walking Day, registration is done through sms beautiful people of Kuching :)

Click HERE and follow the instructions given. 

The past two years the event was done in the month of November.. It was already confirmed on 4th November for this year World Walking Day, as tweeted by me like millions of times! Hahahaa... Couldn't help it, I was too excited about this walk :D 

They've changed it to an earlier date. Last year was a true success. Can't wait for 28th October to arrive kan??! I am gonna walk the thousands steps this year, I will !! Hmmm, yup.., I never got to walk the famous World Walking Day thousand steps walk y'all. Was always too busy getting ready to receive people at the finish line :) We have extra help this year, InsyaAllah, I"ll have my walk. 

Happy weekend and, don't forget to sms-register ya! ;)

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