Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kuching Wet World Walking Day 2012

The people of Kuching braved the pouring rain this morning to walk the thousand steps alongside over one thousand participants around the city.

I could only watched as the rain started to fall at 6:30am...

"oh-man", I murmured to myself. 

Soaking wet and cold!
With darling friend Jac, of Borneo Post. 

By 7:30am it was time for YB Datuk to deliver his speech and suddenly, as if the rain was giving way for our SEDC Chairman to launch the walk... it began to drizzle. When we announced it was time to warm up (aerobic session), people just came out from under the shades and the square was filled with a sea of people, in the rain. Thank god the rain had subsided a little..., still raining but, we didn't care. We danced and warmed up to Rasa Sayang, Gangnam song, jogets etc.. Kuching folks are always very supportive of outdoor events, we had a lot of fun! There we were all drenched and cold, still managed to enjoy ourselves :)

I hope my flu and cough (or fever!) wouldn't come back knocking.. Everyone was in the rain, so was I. That hot shower really helped and I just popped in 2 panadols, just in case. Will upload more photos real soon. But right now, I've to finish some sewing and get ready to leave again for work for a sponsorship handing over at 2:30pm. 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday people! :)


>>>updated on 29.10.2012<<<

Photos of World Walking Day 2012 :D
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Sal with her family

Heavy rain didn't stop Kuching people enjoying themselves to the fullest

Waiting and hoping the rain would subside..

Nestle breakfast cereals and Bubur Lambok Nestle style for breakfast

Queuing for Nestle breakfast

Fran =)

See you again next year!!

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