Wednesday, October 10, 2012

InTrend features Borneo Love

InTrend October 2012 featuring Borneo Love

So, what could be cooler than having your blog featured in 
one of the fashion magazines??

^getting new diamond gift sets?? no?^

Thanks to dearest ladykiki , she was the one who messaged me to inform me of the awesome feature. I've been so occupied with hanicomb lately I've not enough time to check out what's been happening in the local fashion industry. Yeaa, I'd get my hands on the local fashion magazines whenever I can, flip through, bite over, drool on, and ideas would flow from there. I guess when I had enough info stored in my head, at one point I decided to just -sew-  -sew-  and, -sew-. Just sewing, no more tv, no more flipping through magazines with a hot cuppa, no more... err, I shouldn't give too much info now *WinK* ;)

So, I missed few issues, till two days ago miss ladykiki messaged me. Really appreciate it girl! :D 

And for this issue, it is kind of a bit extra special issue as it's a wedding extravaganza! HAahahaaa that's what popped into my mind after reading InTrend October 2012 issue. 

Thank you InTrend for featuring Borneo Love!
Lurrrve you to bits :*

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