Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gatherings And What Not :)

Lemon Grass, Bunga Kantan, Shallots, Dried Chilies, among the ingredients
to make Laksa Penang

What a weekend..!

Syukor alhamdulillah, I'm just still with this snuffly nose of mine. But NO fever,
no more cough (tiny bit only), thank God.. Can work in peace. 

These days, any Hari Raya means Laksa Penang. 

My MIL was having people over after the Friday prayers on Hari Raya Aidil Adha and I've volunteered to come up with a dish. She's not cooking this year, she ordered nasi briyani and sate for the guests. Though swamped with hanicomb orders, I slotted time to cook the mouth-watering Laksa Penang, because I myself was longing for it :D

It is a lot more fun and joyous if you cooked Laksa Penang to be shared with 50 other people. I wouldn't just decide to cook it for a Saturday lunch, hadn't done that.

Of course, praises for Ida. Yeahhh!! Tq TQ! They loved my Laksa Penang, phewww..!

I mean, the ones who came to eat were my husbands uncles and aunties oKaY! The women are veteran cooks and getting compliments from them on my cooking had left me floating on cloud nine ;) Yup! And aunt 'N' even seated me down for a full recipe =)

Friday settled, drove back home with the kids right after Maghrib. Sayang didn't 'attend' his mom's Raya gathering. He had to stay back home because he had a minor eye infection, poor baby. Tapau punya case ;)

So, I was already so so tired. But suggestions from cousin in-laws left me slightly worried. "Kak Ida, you have to wear one of your designs to the family reunion tomorrow. How can you not??!"

"Maa, you HAVE to wear 'LuLu'. Why wouldn't you??!!" Seri, Hani... yappin' why I wouldn't wear the masterpiece (hehehee...). 

Honestly, I just wanted to be at the family reunion, eat, and go home. Sunday was yet to come I was already overwhelmed with everything, EVERY-THING.
OmG. O M G.

LuLu had two patches needed beading, 

"I can't do it Seri. If you want mama to wear her, you've got to help me with it..." I handed Seri some shiny little black beads, needle & thread, and went to bed. 


Jazzing up my old Kurung with hanicomb bib necklace, LuLu :)

And this is my little niece Lulu y'all! The minute I saw her in the hotel hall, I grabbed her little hand and said to her cute face, 

"Would you like to wear Wa Ida's necklace?? She's named after you hun." :*

That sweet smile was a yes :D

'LuLu' ~ she's made of adventurine gemstones and seawater pearls :)

We represent Keluarga Rabaiah, she's my father in-law's grandmother. More than 500 of my husband's cousins, uncles, aunties, great aunts, great uncles, nieces nephews flooded the hall. We didn't even have enough tables for everyone, some came unannounced.. But everyone had fun :D

Ayu registered for us six

Penview Hotel, Lower Ground Floor

Where's Hani??

Ayu met a relative who happens to be her senior at UiTM

Dad's cousin the event's Chairperson,
Tan Sri Dato' Seri Mohd Jamil welcoming us all

Each family colour contributed one or two performances,
above, my nieces Fifah, Shasha & Dayini showing off their talent ;)

They performed twice. The three of them are members
of Caperina Dance academy

The gathering was dragged to later in the evening, so, some had left and by the time we wanted to have a big family group photo.. ah well... A group photo above with my daughters, my sister in-law and mother in-law. It was a good day :)

Then, it was the wet Sunday morning.

 I arrived at Lea Centre at 2:30pm Sunday afternoon, met with the girls, handed them their shoes, take some photos, then went home :D

Can't believe I actually gathered the girls and made them pose here.. heehehhee.. I always wondered why people like to have their photos taken with the cats. LoL.

Thank you Lea Centre

Two of the Puteri Metro Riverside 2012 finalist. 
Event day ~ Sunday, 4 November 2012 @ Riverside Shopping Complex

Harian Metro 29.10.2012

Job well done! Syukor alhamdulillah...

Monday ~ minor migraine. Sokay, I lived. 

Till next post people! :)

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