Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Colorful Everything! ;)

Colorful aren't they??

Those are just three of few that I have to have ready by this weekend.
A lot of sewing to do lerr... 

Speaking of colorful, it was my first ever visit to Serikin last Sunday. I wish I had more time to browse all the little shops but I told my mother in-law I've to be back in Kuching by 1pm as I have an event to attend at 3pm. 

If you're thinking to start a bridal hut, this is the place for you to visit geng!

Omg! The workmanship, the heavy yet elegant immaculate beading, the creative designs, simply beautiful. My mother in-law wants all of us girls (8 grand daughters, 4 daughters & daughters in-law) to wear lace for brother in-law's wedding reception next February. 

Errmm... I never wore lace. Well, there's always a first time no?

I'm gonna be donning an outfit fit for a Datin :D
Weeehhooooo!!! :))

The trains on these kebayas will make the person who wears it looking like
the ever so gorgeous Kate Middleton :)

Before you come here, make sure you know the colors you're looking for. 
Otherwise, you'd be buying more than you should, or need. They are all so pretty! 

Always whining how busy I am, well news flash! I'm busier these days. Big events are just around the corner and I'm swamped with my bib necklaces orders :) So so excited when your creations actually do have fans out there :D

Work~ Puteri Metro Riverside final is drawing close. Semi finalist will get to know if they're eligible to be in next round real soon. World Walking Day 2012 registration is in progress as we speak... Have you registered?? Better do it soon, this year the WWD tshirts are limited to 1,500 participants only :) Entry forms are pouring in really fast. It's gonna be another great event for Nestle, and a very colorful few weeks indeed with all these event coming our way. 

All I wanna do now is to finish my bib necklace orders... 
-oh man-


Sheila said...

Kak Ida..
Great work done by Hani and you.. Really adores those creations and creativeness.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Sheila, thanks so much dear.. Singgah lah slalu ke hanicomb ya? *hugs!*

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