Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Their Simple Fashion Sense

in Varsity Jackets
Hani, Ayu & Seri

I didn't know that these cool jackets are called the Varsity Jackets, until my daughters told me yesterday. They showed me how they'e worn, and how to pose in them ;)

Yea... they picked their favorites.

When you have children, you will buy whatever you want them to wear when they're little. When they are all grown, they are the ones who you rely on for the current fashion updates. 

I love my daughters' fashion sense, I really do :D

They don't use the same cellphone brand though,
I kinda wonder why  

1 comment:

Anna Sue said...

my gal has been asking me to buy those jacket but still couldnt find one..where did they get it?

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