Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Slayed Fashionista!

With my cutest fashionista!

Slayed on stage about me not wearing enough makeup was a bit mean to the already bruised ego me... Standing together with more than 10 other gorgeous properly dressed well groomed women made me feel so not-pretty and, under dressed... felt like a bag lady. There was even a 50 year old contestant who was looking 100 times more glamorous than I was...! Adoiiii.. I'll give you 10 thousand bucks if there is anyone out there who would nominate me in running to be crowned a Fashionista..... (??)

I thought so.. no takers *sigh*

"Ida, you have to wear more makeup, because....., you're in the public eye. You're the emcee... We women must take care of ourselves yaa, take real good care of our appearance. Lipstick, a bit of the mascara, some pressed powder, the hair... Erkk.. Your hair." and she stopped there.


And this was on stage people! One of the participants commented sweetly to my face on mic, on the 3 feet high stage, for everrrrryyyone to hear. Nice x_x

**Serve You Right IDA!!**

Reputable judges,
Mona (part time Mak Andam), Harniza (Catsfm Program Manager),
& Ravera (boutique owner & designer)

Except me... There I was giving my biggest grin to camouflage my no makeup face :/

Ehemm! The never-will-be Fashionista 

I WAS having a great time chatting with the 'girls' ;)
I really did...

OMG! Can't believe I uploaded this pic for the whole universe to laugh at.. :p

While my finger pointing-circling at Hanie's headgear...
"You sure that didn't come from a live bird??"

50 year old Kak Sabariah! I tell you her badan still like so maintain!!
More pics here :)

Forget about me, it was all about our Hari Raya Fashionista last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, the complex was granted great coverage by The Star, Sin Chew... Pictures of the crowd and winners were printed in colour, the event was a true success. 

And me?? As much as I love the dressing up thing, the makeup, it is just not me. I will dress up for certain occasions, but for my events (while working!), I'll just come as I am. I promise though that I'll do my hair better, I'll try to put on some colour to my pale look, fix my unruly eyebrow and try to get better outfit, rather than scrambling through my daughters closets for clothes... which was what I did last Saturday. The leopard print top was Seri's :D

Now, who would give this girl a Fashionista title?? No sky high heels?

*under my office table foot wear... ahhhh comfort*


Congrats ladies!

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