Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paritjaya In The Making

Ayu will be done with her practical this month then, off back to campus for her final semester. Syukur alhamdulillah, less than one more year to go. Sayang & I met with sayang's childhood/primary school bff and his wife Miza last night. We had late teh tarek and chatted away for the too short one half hours trying to catch up the last 5 years since we last met.

Yup! 5 years!! Miza and I both remember very well our last meeting was that laksa at Jalan Satok but only when I saw this pic (below) I realized that it was 5 years ago that we last seen one another! I honestly thought it was only 2 or 3 years ago.. How time flies.. And that Tinot laksa this morning was supposed to be with Miza & Faisal, with sayang and Ayu but, both Miza & Faisal could't make it. I'm glad we went out together last night, had a really good laugh and that was a great girl chat with Miza about Aaron Aziz, heheeeee ;) *sempurna, sangat sempurna...*

And speaking of Ayu and her course (Quantity Surveying), her uncle Faisal will be giving a motivational talk to students at UiTM Kota Samarahan & UiTM Shah Alam next week, in relations to Quantity Surveying as your periok nasi (future), heheheee. He wanted to meet with Ayu this morning to ask the still very young QS student what students like her would like to hear from the very senior-with-tonnes of experience QS professional like Encik Faisal. *You'll be fine Faisal, I promise, no one will throw rotten eggs at ya! Only 300 people maaaaa..., no sweat bah just talk talk laaa* Good luck bro. 

"Wahhhh Faisal..! That is such an honour. You're a big person now hah??" he grinned modestly at me. And yea, we are very proud of his achievement and success. Just that it's kinda sad we don't get to see him and his darling wife Miza often because they're both working in the United Kingdom since many many years ago. Faisal was the QS when they were building Putrajaya years back, after Putrajaya he & Miza moved to UK to pursue their careers, till today Faisal still is a Mat Salleh celup yes he is :D 

"Faisal, you come back to Malaysia, open up a firm, get my daughters Ayu & Seri to work with you, no?? You guys build a Paritjaya in Kuching, good drainage is essential these days, we had some bad floods in Kuching lately... Errrrmm, QSs do longkang or not?" 

Years ago, years back, can't hide how old we are now, can we? :p

2007 ! With Miza  *hearts*

I sure hope we'll see you again before you leave love...

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