Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Night Only

It was while on the plane to our destination we realized it was our first honeymoon..., ever, after 20 years of blissful marriage. We did go away a number of times but never just the two of us.

I have to say, I'd like to have more trips like this. 

The trip wasn't exactly planned, sayang included me to accompany him after we both discussed thoroughly on how and where the kids would spend their one night without us, not easy to just say "Let's go!" now, can we? No. I think we did leave them once when sayang & I both had to leave the city for work (I had to be in Lundu, and sayang had to be in Sibu at the same time, for few days). 

When we met with Nadia at their home yesterday morning in KK, she told me she didn't actually believe when Zec (her husband, my cousin) told her I was flying in from Kuching.

"Kak Ida is coming to KK?? Kak Ida? You mean, she's flying to KK leaving Kuching?"
Yup! Nadia tidak pecaye!

"Yes, Kak Ida is coming to KK with Abang Athan Nad..." Zec explained and probably was also wondering why Nadia looked so surprised. 

"Do you know how long ago was her last trip to KL???" heheheee.. at this time I think Nadia's eyes have grown twice as big.

If you've been following my blog, like Nadia has (thank you love!), you will know for a fact that I do not travel much... Wait! Let me rephrase that, 'I do not travel'. I'm a very domesticated mother and employee. Yeah, my last trip to KL was when Hani was a cute little one year old baby. She's 14 this year.


Like anybody else, one would try to settle a lot of things before they leave the city for awhile, for some reason. I've got few things done, had them listed in details on Wednesday, took one extra day of leave from work (Thursday) to clear my to-do-list and, that little weight on my shoulder was lifted away... Pheewww!!

Just one thing though..., I was really really feeling under the weather by Thursday afternoon. Felt like a fever was coming 0_O 
It didn't look good people, I was even close to tears when I told sayang I wasn't feeling well :/

"It had to be today??!" I murmured to myself -______-  


Did what I had to do, made sure I fed myself with enough vitamins, Spirulina, Vit C, B complex, Panadols, don't forget that much needed every-two-days Collagen drink, and of course, loads of plain water & prayers before sleep so I'd be at my tip top self for the exciting Kota Kinabalu Friday morning trip.

Early Friday morning, before flight to Kota Kinabalu at the airport

Syukor alhamdulillah, I was feeling way better than expected :D
Must be the happy hormone aehh? ;)

After 20 years, this couple had their first getaway alone together, for one night only *heart*

Typical couple's 'suite', see through glassed wall
Cheeky me, "I could watch you shower baby..." *wink wink*
Hahhaahhaaa.. Yaa! Ya!!
I purposely wanna make you puke! :p

Not bad for an RM135 room, not big at all but, it was cosy. Perfect :)

Did I say I 'forgot' to bring my pyjama?? hehhehehee ;)

Like tourists, Borneo Love's first time in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Took a cab from our little hotel and went to the awesome 1Borneo after jalan jalan around the market place in the afternoon.

OMG! Luckily no one I knew was around. My jaw dropped. Saliva just started dripping down my chin, with my head tilted up, mouth open, eyes so big I think they almost popped out. Sayang turned to the stunned me, reached for Malaysia Airline's serviettes in his pocket and quickly stuffed it in my mouth. Hhahahahaa.. LoL

Yup! The mall IS HuGGGe. I know it is even before coming here, but, I was there and saw it with my own eyes. Working in shopping malls myself I was subconsciously comparing other malls to the ones we have in Kuching. No need say more... oh Ya! They also have a few McD drive-thrus in KK. YO!

Oh man! You should see my face, I was feeling so happy and elated, forget malls & work now... I think I said this few times to sayang while we're in KK, "I'm so happy baby :D" Happy because finally we have our alone time together (again, after 20 years!) on the very short business cum mini honeymoon trip. Funny ha what happy hormones can really do to the pre-fever you. We wanted to do island hopping, but there's just not enough time, simply not enough time, clearly... Well of course! Who goes to KK for one night only??

"How long you're in KK...??" Boss, colleagues, friends, they asked the same question.

"One night." 

And EveRY single one of them responded, 

"One NIGHT??? No one goes to KK one night!"

"Kerja engkao tu, endak ada orang buat!" Sayang's cousin said in his thick KK accent when he heard we're leaving KK in few hours after just one night staying. 

Honestly, when I woke up this morning, I had KK in my head and missing the fresh air. I think I wouldn't be missing it at all if it was a work or casual trip with other people. I just miss the brief alone time I had with sayang. It was a very nice lovely trip. No headache, not stomach ache, not mood swings, it was just nice :)


We were all packed ready to check out at noon Saturday, when sayang gave a huge 'HuHH' after he saw my bra still hanging in the closet, supposed to be packed together with other clothes. His next reaction~ 'Sayang ....YOU!' And he stopped there, and looked away from me. He took the bra in silence and stuffed it nicely in our single luggage. The funny thing was, it's like, he didn't want to continue nagging at me, as it was, our little honeymoon. Guess he didn't want to ruin any of the sweet moment... hehee, ,cute! He unpacked, he placed all our toiletries on the bathroom counter when we arrived, he kept our laundry in the plastic bag, he charged my phone, he he he he he heeeee did everything :D I felt like a princess, like a new bride ;) 

I was spoiled rotten! I laiiiiiiike!!


We walked around the super huge 1Borneo mall and had a late light lunch at Brooklyn Restaurant. It has to be light, reminded sayang we couldn't eat too much as his friend Zac is taking us out for seafood dinner that night. 

Sayang's Brooklyn Beef Sandwich, two more bites to go :D

Oooohh... ohhhh... Aaaahhhh... my Brooklyn Smoked Salmon Salad
Kinda like my little aphrodisiac. Ehemm! Was getting ready for a night to remember...

*bats lashes*

Sorry, seafood pics aren't available. I totally forgot to snap photos.
For the record, KK seafood is yummy!! :)

 Hahahahaaa... as ifffffff!

One little honeymoon and a baby popped out overnight??



When we arrived at Auntie Rasiah's (Nadia's gorgeous mom) home on Saturday morning, I instantly took Zarra from her grandmother and asked sayang to snap a pic of us, at the entrance! 

My darling cousin-in-law Nadia :*

I was completely bumped out when we had to leave after only two hours of getting-to-knows-down-memory-lane-and-what-you're-doing-next chats all in a short visit. Auntie Rasiah is so sweet!! HuGGGS for you auntie :*

And I was Zarra's first aunt to visit! Yeahh...! Cousins, I beat you guys to it. Hheheeehee... Hope Zarra likes the little gifts from Wa Ida. Mmmoooaahhhhss! If I had my way, I'd take Zarra home with me, but, grandmother Rasiah was on the lookout the whole time, and I didn't hava my jumbo handbag with me, hmmm.. 

Speaking of jumbo handbag, I would like to share with BL readers how light I traveled...

There were only a tweezer and panti liners (apart from the face cream & Boss Femme perfume) in the stripe pink-white pouch. Too big for a 4-item 'make up' bag aehh? Yeah... I should be more woman-y, but, am not. And oh ya, a lip gloss in the sling bag. That 's all. Thank you for your attention. 

Waiting for cousin Shahrom to take us for an afternoon snack 
before heading to the airport

Like nomads us both... So lucky we had such great family & friends like Nadia, Zac (sayang's bff) and Shahrom (sayang's cousin in KK) who brought us around, treated us for a great dinner and drove us to the airport after checking out on Saturday. Flight was at 8pm, but we were well taken care after :) Syukor alhamdulillah, Thank You. 

I'm planning our next trip, really hope to go again soon. Hopefully I'd sell more of our accessories, make more money and have more honeymoons, InsyaAllah :D

Have a nice Sunday you nice people :)

* * *

Ayu said I should go 'away' more often. Last night at midnight when we went out for late supper after arriving from KK, she was pleasantly startled that I was extra nice to the waitress although the waitress came back to the table to inform me the sausages I ordered weren't available. 

'Okayyy... Give me two servings of potato fries then..' With a huge smile on my face. You should have seen Ayu's face. 'Maa, you're so relaxed. You're not pissed not one bit! You should go on vacations more...'

Am I that grouchy??


Tia said...

Yeah Sis.... Once in a while we shud go for a trip like that... Best kan??

Nadia said...

awwwww! glad to have you around and looking forward to having you back! with more nights to spend here of course ;)

p/s; i almost forgot i have a blog til you linked it. OMG! haha!

Fynn Caca said...

Eh, romantiknya... best!
Enjoy reading this blog very much, lol you are cute and funny! ♥

Ida BorneoLove said...

Tia, i was beaming ear to ear from take off till we reached KK airport to fly back :)

Nad, i am so looking forward to go again :D

Fyn old friend, thanks! Yup, i am kinda silly ha?? heheheee

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