Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Investment & Capital

It's never really comfortable (and not advisable) sitting under ordinary lighting sewing for long hours, and it's a lot worse when you're sewing at night. Imagine sewing black beads using black thread onto black headbands in poor lighting O_O

Sewing literally under the sunlight in my mother in-law's kitchen above while waiting for my laksa penang cooking in the pot was pure bliss! Yea, that's one of the signs of ageing, feeling the happiness at sewing. LoL :))

Sayang been asking me the same question a number of times already and each time after receiving a package from my supplier. His usual question when my $$$ leaves my pocket;

"So, how much have you spent Dek??"

Me --->   " O_0 "

Yup! I lost count. -oh man-

The table lamp was his treat, thank god! Thank you honey bunch!! :*
The must-have, the necessary investment for the never ending sewing :)

I do wish the figure stays the same, I mean the amount of money I've spent... But that'd be impossible now wouldn't it?? I guess that's why I always 'accidentally' forget to note down the things I've purchased, do not want to know. Luckily for my cheesecake sale, it covers most of the capital for our little business. 

As for sayang, well, he is a financial-background guy, what do you expect..?

I always know what to reply whenever he asks that money-matter question;

"Massage baby...?"


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