Friday, September 21, 2012

And I Love Her ..

... because she always brings back fab gifts for me when she comes back from overseas.

... because, whenever she's hungry, she's always thinking of me =)
Then, she'd take me to these fabulous places in Kuching to eat, feeds me real good till I can't walk.

... because she lets me tape her mouth shut so she would just listen when I have to pour my heart out.

... because I know she'll give me piggy back ride if I broke my ankle :')

... because she's at the top 5 of my BFF list.

... because, she's a good daughter to her late mak (may Allah bless her soul.. Aminnn..) and her bapak.

... because she's a loyal friend, a kind sister / sister-in-law / cousin / cousin-on-law, employee, aunt, all that!

... because she always puts other people first before herself. Which I've told her few times she needs to be selfish, sometimes. (hmmm, some friend I am... Oh well.)

... because she stuffed this lamb leg in my face for lunch on Wednesday!

@ Carvery Restaurant, Abell Hotel Kuching

" One more shot Kak Ida... closer to the lamb leg... Closer. Ok, smile... "

" Ermmm... Miss Waitress, next shot is the knife on kak Ida's neck :D "

Me;  " JANNNN!! "

" That would be the No 10 'meat' on the lunch buffet menu "

It was 'd' lunch to go for if you hadn't eaten in days! The nice waitress came by 9 times with 9 different type of meat for us both to dig in :D Oppssss! No, I think she came about 11 or 12 times because we wanted more of the sirloin steak and, mussels.

You can ask for seconds, thirds and more and more more more, to your heart's content! At only RM38++ per head, from 12 noon till 2 pm. Kinda neat having to have that button sitting on the table to show the waitresses & waiters that we still want more food (in a somewhat subtle manner, and in silence). So miss, come over lagi dan lagi and SERVE ME lagi! ;)

Free flow salad, I like :D

There was the lamb leg, beef, mussel, chicken wing, fish fillet, sausages, sirloin steak and..., can't remember the other one! x_x

We couldn't be too greedy. We were, but, our stomach had had enough. So, we turned the button to the other side, and flashed the Thank You (in red) sign to inform the restaurant (in silence) that we've given up the race trying to finish the restaurant's buffet food that day. And the service was great, the waitress was very sweet & friendly. We were satisfied! Hmmm..., starting to sound like food critics now arent' we?? ;)

That was a heartfelt lunch because the company was awesome! *big hugs for you Izan*

... to you Izan, for always being there.


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