Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time Is Pearl

Thinking... not what to serve for Iftar, but how to maneuver the 
needle so not to poke my own fingers too often -___-

Time is so scarce these days. I don't waste any, like..., literally. Every minute is precious and I won't let time slip by without doing anything beneficial for the family income.


Wokay now... I'm starting to sound dramatic. Chill girl! Hahahaaa... well ya, I'm telling myself to chill because I have been taking things too serious lately, making my eyes sore and giving myself some terrible headaches. That's me. Whatever little business that I venture into, be it cheesecake baking, nasi lemak catering or the latest, pearls studded headband needle-poking-thingy, you can be assure of my 101% effort. 

But I've been putting a little bit too much pressure on myself, drowning myself in pearls, and ignoring my sayang ;) Poor baby... I'll make it up to you my darling, just be ready!! HAHAHAHAAAA LoL :))

I can sit for 6-7 hours straight doing the pearl headband, which I did during last two weekends. You know, you don't really know your ability and skill till you do it. And thank God, I love sewing beads & pearls onto headbands, you cannot 'not like' doing something that you have to spend hours on. For me, it's very therapeutic. And of course there are things I have to not think about after getting myself into this little business with my darling daughter Hani... the television. Yup! No more the guilty-pleasure Kardashian, Star World whatever else, no more, for now. 

My main objective is to get all the orders done. And I cannot wait to start with the sash. Ohhhhh Mannn! Super excited about that one, but, can't seem to find the right time to begin. I have everything ready for the sash, the 4cm & 5cm ribbons, pearls... Time is not on my side now. InsyaAllah, I will find the right moment to start, I have to!!

Hmmm... there I go again pressuring myself, geezzz. 

Sayang is so supportive, we need that in a man if we women ever decide to venture into a home-based business. Most of my time is spend on helping Hani with the sewing, laundry, preparing for Iftar... I LOVE YOU hubby :)

I've few more pearls headbands to finish before Raya, then I'll have to start on the cheesecakes. 

Till next post, senyum selalu ya! :D

Our latest creation... Love this color!

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