Friday, August 10, 2012

Pandelela Wins Olympic Medal

Pandelela Rinong with her Bronze Medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic in London, 
the first Malaysian Woman to bring home an Olympic Medal :)

It's Malaysia's first ever Olympic medal in a sport other than badminton, thus making Pandelela the first Malaysian female athlete to bring home an Olympic medal. She has created Malaysia diving history by winning Bronze in the women's 10m event, well done!!

:'D  *sob sob happy*

When I heard the news this morning, I couldn't hold back my tears, like any other Malaysian (Sarawakian in particular), I couldn't be more proud. I missed the jump last night though, was already in dreamland after finishing one of my pearls studded headbands.

What a moment it must have been for her, she deserves the medal, the 19 year old lass from Bau, Kuching deserves it :)

Congratulations Pandelela! You have made us very proud :D

Among World's Best

Trending Worldwide!

My little moment with Pandelela  =)  .....

Having your pic taken together with great athletes is way cooler than having
your pics taken with movie stars ;)


Mizz Coki said...

sorang gik sekda lam gamba.
Brian Nixon Lomas.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Good morning Miss Coki, heehee.. I didn't include my 'solo pic with Brian' here. He's a very warm & friendly person btw :)

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