Saturday, August 25, 2012

Olympian Pandelela Meeting Her Fans @ Sarawak Plaza

With Pandelela the Olympian :D

If you happened to be one of the fans who had your pics taken with Pandelela today at Sarawak Plaza, visit BuzzKUCHING fb page and tag yourselves there :)

Thank you Lea Sports Centre for sponsoring our outfits (jersey, track bottom & sneakers) that we both wore today at 'Lea Sports Centre Appreciation Ceremony for Pandelela'. She's one lucky girl I tell you! Pandelela is 30 thousand bucks richer today, phewwww... If I could dive like her, I'd first get myself my dream Chanel handbag :D

See, this is why I love my job so much. What a lucky day it was for me (and a lot other of her adoring fans) that I get to rub shoulder (quite literally) with an Olympian!

I asked her how she managed to get this far... Her answer was, 'Discipline kak.. That's all.'

I was hoping to get a 'taste' (hahahaaa... yup! wanna bite into it) of her medal but she did not bring it with her. Pandelela is a shy sweet and friendly person. Very down to earth and polite. She couldn't stay long but most of her fans who turned up managed to have their photos taken with her. After the ceremony we had lunch together with Lea Sports Centre people at The Grand Margherita Hotel and chatted a bit. She will be continuing her studies soon at one of the local Universities and training at the same time for another competition next year. It was a good lunch and was a very good day indeed. 

Syukur alhamdulillah... The event went very well :)

Some of her fans / supporters

My darling daughter Hani with Pandelela

Pandelela with Borneo Love, in the midst of 'everything' 

Hope to meet you again girl ;) 

Utusan Sarawak 26.8.2012

A brief chit chat with Pandelela uploaded on Youtube


Anonymous said...

Hi kak..nice blog..anyway, i wanna tel u that i link ur post at my wordpress blog.. Feel free to visit it k..

Ida BorneoLove said...

hi Ayeshablyzz, thanks for dropping by dear. I will sure to visit :)

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