Friday, August 24, 2012

Hari Raya Fashionista

Our fashionista ;) ~Seri~

Sarawak Plaza will be holding a fashion competition (and I'm already talking about work!) for ladies 18 years old and above to showcase their best looking Hari Raya outfits. Well well well... aren't you ladies the lucky ones. *smirking* WhY?? BeCAuSE I won't be participating. And why? Because somebody would have to host, no?? And because... Isn't it apparent???! I've no fashionable Raya outfit to catwalk in -____-


Girls, your outfits don't need to have that bling bling effect to enable you join the competition, we gladly welcome cottons & simple kurungs. The contest is simply for fun and we have loads of prizes for you ladies out there to be won. 

Visit our BuzzKUCHING fb page HERE

And Pandelela!! Yeah...! She's coming to Sarawak Plaza tomorrow, Saturday 25th August at 10am to meet her fans. Jangan sik datang kitak orang :)

Holding somebody's jewel :D, on 2nd Day Raya. And I was already in jeans! Hahhaa.., not because I've not enough baju Raya (which is true), but I was at little Qara's home that morning to get more sambal satay.

Qara in her cute new baju Raya outfit, with her aunt Ida in her boring grey-T :p

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