Monday, August 6, 2012

Guitars Servicing Day

Well ya ya!! That's me with the guitar OKAY!!

How do I look? Cool HAA?? Yeahhhh... I feel super cool baybeh!

"Ehemm EHeMm.. excuse me! Cool lady with a guitar nak lalu... Tq tq.." 


I do wish I can play the guitar, I do. Sayang, Ayu, they both play quite well. Even Arman & Hani are picking up the skill. Me & Seri, errmm... we prefer sewing :) I did try, my fingers hurt, too keras sayang said -___- 

These KERAS hands rocked your children's cradle honey!

We all went for a spin around Kuching yesterday and stopped by at Hock Lee Centre to service the guitars, I needed air. Although I seriously needed to just be sitting down to  finish my orders but I went with the kids and sayang anyway. My butt was burning from sitting too long alreadeh..! Was so in need of other things for my viewing pleasure, been staring at beads & pearls for the past few weeks O_O

The sight of colourful with all kinds of shape fun looking guitars was somewhat refreshing. 

Guitar haven Ayu says :)

Ayu loves those guitars ;)

Getting her guitars serviced & replacing the strings

Been awhile since she last played, we've been wanting to get one...

No comment *Hani & Seri*

Us ladies in a sea of guitars :D

Sayang was chit chatting with the shop owner, I didn't want to be near. "What do you think Adek.." Almost poking my nose with the guitar top (or whatever you call it!),

"Errmm... Up to you."

Not the time to purchase anymore 'toys' just yet. 2 guitars in the house are sufficient. I think I'd rather have him hinting on getting a new guitar than getting a new bike. Oh ya....., he's been showing signs wanting to get one sometime in the near future. I'm scared just thinking about that big machine. Man.  Man man man... 

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