Monday, August 13, 2012

Breakfasting Break

Baked cheesecakes chilling in the fridge

For RM48 per head, it was well worth it!

I've not really taken a good break ever since we started with our little headband business. Now I'm the one who's actually stuck with the sewing, Hani's more into the ribbons :|

It's early in the morning now and I am now taking a little short break from my endless (I'm dead serious when I say 'endless') sewing & routine Raya cake baking. The cream cheese is already in the mixer, just need to wait for it to soften a bit otherwise I'll ruin the little machine if I force it to work on the super stiff cream cheese.

Taking a week's leave can't be more appropriate. I've to be really cunning with the precious time I have. Cakes to bake, headbands orders to get done, delivery delivery delivery (means I'm out of the house which is, not good), more baking, sewing.. Oh ya! All these doesn't include household chores; laundry, Iftar, errmmm... You don't want to see the condition of my house now. Total shipwreck. OMG X_X

Thanks to my sayang, he's been ironing his own shirts ;)

And the free Iftar voucher couldn't have come at a better timing. I really needed to get out of the house, away from the kitchen and away from my mean needles! (my fingers are ouching from self-needle-poking). What a reward! After baking all day since 7am straight till 5:30pm, the berbuka puasa treat was all I needed. 

Thanks to my darling bestie Izan for the free Banquet Ramadhan Buffet vouchers :D

That was a real feast I've to say! Ya Baruk Buffet!! Bak kata mek orang sitok... 


Oh my food! You name it girl!! All sorts of ulams, kerabu midin, prawns (cold prawn salad, buttered prawn, black pepper prawns), pandan chicken, kurma style, fried, spaghetti, lamb (foto below, all left bones only), sup tulang, satey, rojak, (yup I'm trying to name all here), fish fingers, all kinds of veges (nyummmmss y'all!), kailan, mixed veges, teh tarek, ice cream (on ice cream machine like the McD style, woooohhh!! FUN!), everyone's favorite the super cooling ABC, pan fried fresh squids, grilled fish...... Hungry now :/

You have a week to get your butt to the Banquet to catch the Ramadhan Buffet peeps. I'm telling ya, it's so worth your RM48. But be sure to make bookings first, don't simply come pop in. You'll end up at KFC..., I can promise you that! The place is always, always jammed packed with people during the Ramadhan Buffet. 

Heheheee.. jangan marah, I really had the time of my life last night because we only had to pay RM24 (for Arman) for 6 persons! Thank you Izan :)

Sorry guys, I only managed to snap the aftermath...

Yup, I was still eating here but already full.
Couldn't hold myself together when I saw all the glorious food, totally forgot to take pictures
when the plates were till looking pretty. 

Our 5 Banquet Ramadhan Buffet vouchers.
That was one awesome breakfasting.

I'm trying to fit in all my updates in this post. Have to go like right now because we got work to do in the kitchen. Last, but not least... a brief one;

These are our latest creations, if you'd like to view more please head to

Till next post, Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf Zahir Batin.

Big Love from Borneo Love.. Mmoooaaahhhzz! :*


Chii said...

I'm so going to order ur cheesecake when I go to KCH this Christmas! Confirm order la ok? Cann??

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Chii, of course can dear! :)
Just email me before xmas ya? Email me at

Hahaaaa... Sure confirm! :D

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