Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Arman's Raya Wish List

1st thing to buy ~ 'moto control drift!'

2nd thing to buy ~ O_O

To date

Arman has a wish list. The remote control toy car, I've not objection, no surprise because he is a young man. The BlackBerry?? Should I be Not surprised? As you can see from the pic above, his BlackBerry casing will have the devil's head. Oh my. Too young... still too very young. I mean, the BlackBerry. And and the devil's head too!

The kids are ecstatic with their Duit Raya collections. I don't see the money going into their savings anytime soon, hmmm... I decide to just let them be, let them get whatever their hearts desire :)

Hari Raya has been fun, family and friends gatherings have been awesome. Even meeting some of them only once a year has been nothing but pure bliss And food! No need speak lah... Eat, sleep, visit, sleep, eat... *fat* Oh ya! And sewing too! I'm still at it, when I have the little spare time. 

Oooohh ma gawd! I love the holidays, I'm loving it a bit too much. Home is where my heart really is... Errrrr, is this a sign of old age?? You think??

Niece Zara in Hanicomb 15cm elastic headband
*with cousin in-law Zel*

*with nephew Hakim and my son Arman*

Yeah, I was still at it (2nd day Raya)... Dead tired, happy because it's a holiday, cooking baking all done, open house done, so it was just me, my hot cuppa coffee with needle & thread :D

I've few more orders to do and I'm loving it. Just that this sewing thing has taken so much of my time. I don't even mind it if I'm gonna pursue our little business full time ;)

We'll see..

My baju Raya? I will story soon, but hmmm... not much to story because I didn't get any for myself. Ya yaa... I know I bragged all bout wanting to melaram like a Mak Datin but, it never happened. We try again next year ya? Well at least we have plannings no? But really,  I just realized that, if I wanna melaram next year, I have to start now! A family wedding is scheduled in 6 months, so, I can start from there. For a start, I know what I want, plain tops! Loads of them, in few colours, and gonna come up with some cute bib necklaces. (WoWWWwww Weeeee!!) *excited* :D

Okay, enough about moi. It's the 22nd of August and my darling hubby turns 41 today. I overheard him talking to his friend on the phone an hour ago, he said he felt like 31 last night. *rolls eyes* :p

Sayang, Happy Birthday. Today you treat us great meals ya? Thank you and have a nice day my love :)

When you're already together for over two decades, let all those cute greetings stay where they belong, in an oversized 20 year old birthday card. What's important is, he better take us to somewhere to eat nice later :D


Coffee Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your sayang too! hehehe... eh bukan kitak org ka embaknya gi somewhere nice and lavish, bukan birthday boy? hihi

Ida BorneoLove said...

hehehehee.. tq love! In this era, birthday boy yang belanja, and last night I belih him habis habis. Hhahaaa LoL :p

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