Friday, July 6, 2012

Win RWMF2012 Free Entrance :)

Reminders flying in my head as I was finishing my roti canai
# extra note - Digest the food &, Breathe #

Check list is a life saver. I definitely cannot live without it. And me being me, the most babo of all! The best part is when you start ticking on the notes... Slowly your head feels lighter, and that feeling of accomplishment is just what you need in the midst of all the chaos and busy-ness. 

It's one of those crazy weekends... The RWF is here again. The rehearsal is tonight and the finals will be tomorrow night from 8pm - 11pm. Today and tomorrow we will be working till midnight, aisaymannn... Luckily we'll be entertained by superb musicians, so, I'm pretty sure we're gonna have loads of fun!

half way through... *huGe Grin!* :D

Free RWMF2012 entrance tickets up for grabs!
Win them at tomorrow night's RWF2012 talent search lucky draw

Five bands, Salam Musik, Nading Rhapsody, The Beginners, Asbun and Stereo Five will each  be showing what they've got at this year's Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2012 talent search and the best shall have the once (and maybe will be invited again next year) in a lifetime opportunity to perform on RWMF2012 main stage and to walk away with RM3,000. 

I have 10 free entrance tickets to RWMF2012 and if you like to win them, purchase the  Rainforest Waterfront Fest 2012 talent search final night ticket and you'll be eligible for lucky draw to win the free tickets. Just visit us at The Godown Amphitheater Kuching Waterfront tonight (full rehearsal) and at the finals tomorrow night. 

Have a nice weekend people :)

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