Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

What a relief! Thanks to my sayang hubby, we now have a new jumbo fridge, enough to fit all my kids in. Heheee... well, not exactly that THAT big. Enough storage now for my kilos of cream cheese and the after baked cakes, syukur Alhamdulillah... I'll start baking during the last week of Ramadhan, InsyaAllah.

I made sure I was done with the baking ingredients shopping thingy before Ramadhan starts. I was lucky that the supply shop wasn't packed with people just yet last week, so nice to shop and browse in. Imagine feeling like you're in a tin can full with sardine left & right! Uuuhhh my gossshh...! I would have to endure that I think, when I run out of sugar or butter few days before Raya, when there's more orders compare to supply, when I should say NO instead of YES to last minute requests :D 


my cake supply haven :)

How's your fasting so far?? My family and I are doing just fine. Thank you Allah. The 1st day of Ramadhan this year fell on a Saturday, it's my hubby's and my off day. So, did I cook up a storm?? hahaaa... No I didn't! I didn't cook. 

Sayang and I explored the Satok Ramadhan Bazaar for our first iftar. You should have seen the people! Had I been in the crowd 5 more minutes, I think I'd be like the Tempoyak Goreng, oh man! Like hundreds of people hovering over the food stalls selling all sorts of cakes, murtabaks, rice... 100 types of rice (nasi goreng, nasi ayam penyet, nasi briyani, nasi udang etc), rendangs, curries, UMAI!! My golly! I love umai... Okay, drooling now ;)

"Abang, terubok panggang! I want, I want... please.."
like a child I tell you, ish ishhh ishhh...

"Buy lah dear..." Of course my darling approves :D

Thank you baby =)
You've made me a happy woman :)

always a favorite of mine during iftar, the Ikan Terubuk Panggang

available at Sarawak Plaza Ramadhan Bazaar

Come to Sarawak Plaza Ramadhan Bazaar and enjoy a real feast! :)

Ehemmm.... make sure it's a minimal feast ya :D

available at Sarawak Plaza Ramadhan Bazaar

On second day (yesterday) we both explored the Kampung Masjid. Got back home and all I had to do was give instructions to my girls...

"Ayu, you do the rice sayang... Hani, take these from mama, get appropriate bowls & plates for the dishes." And Seri always ends up washing the dishes clearing everything up after dinner/iftar. Thank you my girls! You are my angels :') Ya Allah, I thank You for blessing me with such good children, Aminnn...

Today's a work day. I do not have to go far to get food for tonight. Everything I need is here under the same roof. Sarawak Plaza is having the Ramadhan Bazaar the whole month guys, come over ya! I went to visit the food vendors as early at noon today and got myself a container of Bubur Pedas (nyeeaaammmmmsssss!!), some meat curry, chicken in tomato sauce, dabai masin (OMG serrdappp!), cakes & curry puffs. That'd be all.

Okay, I'm seriously drooling now. Better stop before I spoil my fasting. 

Till next post, take care.


mr_abs said...

best na juak ikan terubok :(


∂a∂yana said...

omg!omg!omg! i'm drooling too, am pretty hungry right now. can't wait to be home soon.:D happy fasting kak!

Ida BorneoLove said...


adoii.. drooling again now, heheee

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