Monday, July 16, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

I think Hani's creations look perfect!

My 3rd daughter Hani amazes me with her hidden skills... I used to do this when I was in my senior high school year but choices of beads (pearls & beads) were limited then. I purchased these gorgeous plain headbands from Swooshy Pink at RM40 for 3 pieces. Then, it's up to Hani to stick, stitch, poke her fingers, sew and whatever she wishes to do with the headbands to come up with her own collections. Me?? I do help, a bit. Where got time to sit for hours sewing?? You honestly think I got time meh?! I do wish I could, I do wish I have the time to do this... You really need a lot of extra time and patience doing these things, plusssssss, no watching TV when you're stuck with needles & thread! No thank you!! Hani's not been watching much TV lately, she had said. Which is good! ;)

She only needed a little guidance at first and all it takes is, practice. 

Oh ya! If you like to order or need further details (price etc.) on her 'pieces' (cyehhhh.. heheeee, am proud of her!), email Hani at~ 

or me at~


Coffee Girl said...

Nice!! memang hidden talent. dari mak turun ke anak. tahniah Hani!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Keep it up..
Create one side for her to express the idea. =)

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