Friday, July 27, 2012

Pearls Studded

The past couple of weeks has just been about ribbons, headbands and pearls (and finger pokings!!). I'm so proud of Hani and she's been working so hard trying to keep up with orders. Now that she has a feel how it's like running a (little) business and earning some income that she had expressed interest to try her hands on baking :D

"Mama.., when are you gonna start baking the cheesecakes?"

"Somewhere one week before Raya girl... Why you ask Hani?"

"Naaa... Ermm..., Maa... Maybe I can try to sell cheesecakes too!?
Bake them myself and sell! *chuckles*"

"Well OKAY! When the time comes, we'll do the baking together and I'll show you how it's done. Gotta be hands-on girl, that's the best way to learn."

Hani ~ :D

As of now, we have received more orders than we can keep up with, to be honest. But I know we can deliver them in time, insyaAllah. So long I keep the television at bay and we'd have to settle with less sleep. *Hani can sleep more sayang*. Yup! We can do it Hani! Yeeaayyyyy!!

The above aren't my work, I do wish they are. All the pics in this post (except the last one) are from Park Studio Wedding Designs web page. Simply stunning aren't they?

Yeah.. Hani and I were inspired by these gorgeous pieces and I am planning to make one full pearls studded sash on a coloured ribbon, similar to the two pics below.

Few weeks ago, I bought Hani some ribbons, faux pearls, needle & thread and she made a very simple pearls beaded sash, that also can be worn as a headband. Next, we're gonna come up with something like the above.... Soon yaa.., real soon ;) 

I uploaded the following pic of myself awhile ago in this blog and Hani was impressed by the headband I was wearing. The pic was taken in 1990, I was 17 then :)

After the pearl sash, she decided to make a headband with faux pearls after seeing that 20 year old pic of me. The headband I was wearing was made of colourful small beads and mini pearls. I warned her it's hard work but she was adamant to give it a shot.

Heeheeheee.. No turning back now Hani my love! 

No hal sayang, mama is here with two extra hands to support you. 
Now, let's get sewing!!

Enjoy your weekend peeps! =)


StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..that is so beautiful and nice. i fall in love with it

_cauldronrose said...

uuuu if those ribbons worn at the waist is out for sale, I would love to have one, Aunty! :D

Ida BorneoLove said...

Stella, I fell in love with them too!! I want one but haven't had the time to make one for myself..

C.Rose... Awwwww! thanks for your interest darling ;) Will give you a buzz dear, I sure will!

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