Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dessert Over Press Conference :D

This 'center piece' has caught my eyes ever since I walked in.

I've just had my lunch, and I shouldn't have... because I was missing out on all these glorious foods they're serving at 2pm for the Euro Cup lucky draw press conference on Monday. So, I had my eyes only on this porcupine-like fruit cocktail (while emceeing & calling out people's names to draw out lucky entry forms), couldn't wait to get my hands on them :D

Oh ya... I dug in alright! ;)

Hahhhaaaa... I'm not lying, I was the one who ate most of the fruits. LoL :)) 

'Ida, you on a diet kah??' Lea Centre representative asked me.

'No lah.. I'm already so full from lunch so, 
I'm helping myself to a super giant dessert! Ngeeeeeee... 

...with mouth full of grape & watermelon seeds. =)

... and speaking of dessert ...

Nyummmmiiesss! ;)

Some of the members of the press & media who came to the press conference.
Above, enjoying a spoonful! of choc mousse, and below,
still doing the Q & A thingy over coffee :)

I only had a sandwich, and half of the choc mousse. Missed out on the cute little drummettes, the cheese cakes, popiah... So long press and sponsors happy, I'm happy ;)

Thank you Grand Margherita Hotel for the glorious foods!

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