Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bubur Pedas Cooking Challenge

Maggi has always been one of our best supporters!

And of course, my colleagues.. They are the BEST! Love you all :)

You got your note book ready?? Pen and paper lahh.. Got?
Hope you're ready because here comes the recipe.... ;)

"First, the Kulit Sapi is a must for making our Bubur Pedas suuuper tasty!"

"...and all kinds of relevant herbs, baby corn, carrot, bamboo shoot.."

"Too fast Kak! ...What was the second ingredient??"     -_____-
"Budak ini... Korek your telinga Ida."

"The Mumbu Bubur Pedas needs only a short while to soak... No need too long."
"Kak, show me what's in the bag."
-this girl been talking asking checking on everything we brought from home, sigh-

"THIS ONE is blended garlic... sure you know little missy.." x_x

"I think you should let my sister behind me speak for me... 
She basically echoes everything I'm telling you."

"Wow.. You sure you didn't use food processor to shred all these??"

"Cut into small small pieces julienne style lah!"
"Ya kaaahhh? Lots of work ya kak? "   :O

"Veges.. more veges... more and more veges... "
"Mmmm..." *hungry now, I want real MEAT!!*

"Ehh! Vege lagi."

"Seriously, doesn't look that yummy to me?"
"Not yet cook la Ma'am!"

"Hey! Who taught you to talk back to a lady with the mic??"
"Hehee... cool it Puan." 
-Mama, I wanna go home. Ida is goin' nuts and about to hit me with her mic-

"Aahhh! What you have down there??! ...for me???!" 
"That?? That!? Ah yes... For you dear" ;)

"Okay, better don't let other people see ya Kak? I'll have this later." :D

"Better let me WIN then..."
"Kak, you gotta do better than bribing me with the Sambal Asam. Free catering for a whole of Ramadhan..?? How? We got a deal??"

"Nothing for you in here Ida, sorry..."

"Ohhhh.... I found something!"
"Herhhh.. Bossy girl"

pssstt! *whispering*, 
"Don't tell Judge Hjh Norsiah I just handed you 2 sets of tupperware
for the cooked Bubur Pedas Kak..."

"So, what are we cooking today Kak?"
"Dah tau tanye pulak budak nihh.." :/

"Saya budak baru belajar."

"Ambil galah tolong jolokkan ye??"

Okay.. I'm running out of dialogue ideas :]

Cucur ala Maggi :)

Mee Goreng Maggi, hot favorite of the day! :)

Bubur Lambok peeps! =)

Me marching around the event area making sure no one eats before I do.

Before anyone else (other than the 3 judges) gets the chance to taste whatever was served, I helped myself to the juicy fruits displayed that were part of presentation.

The 3 judges were busy busy tasting each 13 of the bubur pedas and gurgling down the after taste, I kept myself busy with early dinner :D *nyumm nyummm*

We love our local dishes, we are proud of lour local dishes. I am a proud Sarawakian, yeahhh!! I love midin belacan, I love mee belacan, and if you Sarawakian don't know what the Bubur Pedas is, well, errmm... go learn and get to know what it is.

My late maternal grandmother (God bless her soul... Aminn.) was a Bubur Pedas Mumbu maker. She and my aunt would slave over the 'dapur minyak' frying the dried ingredients till fragrant to desired color and aroma the whole of fasting month. Not easy to do I'm telling ya.... Ahhh, I remember those days... Those playing in the dirty filthy drain years next to grandparents' house, that was fun! 


So, it's the most perfect time of the year to organize the 'Bubur Pedas Cooking Challenge' as this is the popular local dish that's often served for the breaking of fast by our elderlies since decades ago. We had 13 versions of the Bubur Pedas cooked last Sunday at Kubah Ria and boy oh boy the hard time we had deciding on the winner..! Hahahaa.. I didn't actually, because I wasn't the judge, :p Thank God!

Oh myyy.. I'm drooling now *sluurrrrpp...*

Congrats again to winners & thank you sponsorrrrrs! :)
More pics of the event here.

Selamat Berpuasa Everyone :D

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