Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baby Z

This is so cool... Remember last year I blogged about the two baby Rayyans?

Well, this year, I'm so happy to share an exciting news again right here 
in my blog :)

My children have been blessed with two new second cousins, within few weeks apart. If that's not cute enough to hear, let me enlighten you with the most adorable part.

Meet, the above pic, baby Zara

and bottom pic, baby Zarra (with her daddy)

I know! So ironic... What a coincidence, a really sweet one actually. Can't wait to see these little bundles of joy. I wanna smell them and kiss them and kiss them again again and again till they get sick of their Wa Ida!! hehehee ;)

Sadly, they are not here in Kuching now, hopefully I'll get to hold them soon.
Maybe this Raya, InsyaAllah. 

I miss having babies :/


Another cousin just 'reminded' me of another little baby Z! OMG!! I'm so sorry love, I left you out darling. Yes, I have another niece by the same (alllllmost..) name (a second cousin to my children as well), lemme introduce to you...

baby Zahra , who was born just few months back :D

Super COOOOLLL!! =)

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