Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Down

7.6.2012 ~ with Seri

26.6.2010 ~ with Ayu

Seri & Ayu 2010

More like, Two Done... two more to go.

I still remember when it was Ayu's registration day about two years ago... Seri just looked on and probably not much going through her mind that time I guess. Her kak Ayu is in her 5th semester now and currently attached with a construction firm doing her practical. InsyaAllah they'll meet up in campus during Ayu's final semester and Seri's second. 

Didn't remember to provide Seri with quite a few important things yesterday... We weren't too prepared unfortunately as we only knew about her registration couple of days ago. Hmmmmm, as if we never registered a child into uni before, huh! Actually, I was hoping Seri would stay home awhile longer but that wouldn't be fair now would it?? That is why I wasn't really thinking straight I guess, I wasn't focus at all on her leaving home and the stuff she would need in her 'new home'. I wanted her to be home with us. I couldn't get my mind to be in a 'moving' mode, was feeling a bit lost. Her time has come and I've to let her go eventually ...

I am just so happy that Seri wouldn't be feeling too alone as her roomies aren't strangers at all! Phewww....! That sure was a relief. 

Sharmayne she's known basically most of her life, they're classmates in primary 1 and for some few more years after that and Ayuni was her classmate in form 4. My only hope and pray is all of them do well in their studies and be the most successful individuals. It is after all for their own future...

Roomies~ Seri, Sharmayne & Ayuni

Just had to upload these pics, I'm feeling a bit emotional peeps, excuse me ya? Those years when they were younger I keep rewinding in my mind. They are adults now, soon will have a career of their own, then a family of their own...

*sob sob*

Seri & Ayu

Seri & Ayu 1995

Seri & Ayu 2012


Willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Saya pun emotional pulak.

Ida BorneoLove said...

so heartbreaking when you have to let your child leave the nest.. :/

Infinite Love said...

wow... it must be hard kan kak ida..
my baby baruk 5 months old.
and i can't imagine how i would be when he grew older kelak.
masuk U, away from home, then kawen..
i can feel u kak...

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Infinite Love,

it is hard dear.. imagine all those years suddenly they're away from you, one by one :(

I'm sad just writing this.. Sokay, our job as parents is to make sure they finish school, so when they grow up they can make a good life of their own. That alone is enough to make me happy, knowing that they are OK. :D

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