Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Year's Birthday

Thank you Swooshy Pink! I like =)

Thank you sis Ina, *hugsss*

Oh my.. This pic of me looks so vain. Sorry yeah if you feel like puking.

I'm in pink from head to ... torso! Didn't plan this ensemble and not even one bit I think I look cute. :p But, my point of snapping this pic yesterday was to show off my birthday gift! :D Thanks a million to my darling twin sis Ina for the lovely surprise, such a coincidence she was getting the pink headband for me when at the same time I was doing a post on Swooshy Pink last week. Only after when I put on the headband and done snapping a shot of myself wearing it I realized I was looking more like a hardcore Hello Kitty fan! Man oh Man ;)


Even my BlackBerry casing was in hot pink sista! With bling bling okayyy....! Wooohhooooooooo ! ;) You go girrrrrl ! :D

And what a lovely surprise Swooshy Pink offered me last night...! *Excited* All they wanted from me was my choice of colours for my very own custom made headband, YES! They're making one for me =) And of course I turned to my sayang to decide on the colours. "Dark... Dark ribbon mounted with dark stones... Hmmm, let's try dark chocolate or maybe, dark brown. All brown would be nice Dek." I agreed with sayang instantly!

So there you have it! (above top pic) I am just waiting for that call from Swooshy Pink to arrange for the pick up :D 

OMG! Can't wait! ^-^

My sashimi ... I want it everyday!

Izan is always so sweet... She doesn't really do much sushi-ing but she took me here today anyways because I'm such a sushi freak! She settled for some 'real' food. Very busy woman this friend of mine! Few times she had to answer calls from her bosses... "Aeehhh!! You  do not understand English mehhh??! I'm entertaining a birthday girl here lah! You will see me when I SEE YOU after LunCh lorrrr! Comprende ?!"

Well... sounded almosttt like that ;)

Like other people, birthdays anniversaries always manage to elevate my mood. I'll smile extra broader and feel more energetic. I even go the extra mile calling people to give the supplier's personal cell phone number that I didn't want to give away yesterday... Errmm, I did that?? Ahh ya, I did... Can you picture how I look the whole day today?? >>>Walking extra fast like 10 minutes per kilometre as if I had been stuffed with new Energizer batteries and smiling like I've just won myself a million bucks! I was on fire man! LoL :))

I never really received a mountain of gifts or a five tier cake on my birthday, wasn't brought that way and never dreamt of having a huge birthday bash. At my age now, all that don't seem important any more. I truly understand the real meaning of 'it's the thought that truly counts'. But hey, a Chanel 2.55 wouldn't hurt, ya?  Oh yes, really! 

I'm serious. Gimme the Chanel 2.55 now and that 'thought' you can bring forward to next year, thank you. 

My 39th birthday is coming to its end. I went to work like any other day today and enjoy receiving warm wishes from family and friends... Thanks so much all, it's been lovely and heart warming :') Couple of headbands plus a lunch treat (and not forgetting sayang's early morning Laksa Sarawak treat. Thank you my love!) is all I need. Even if there had been none of these gestures, I would still be smiling ear to ear. What's important is how blessed I feel right now. Syukur Alhamdulillah... I cannot verbalize into words just how grateful I am for what He has given me the past two decades... Wouldn't change anything for the world! Wouldn't. 

Thanks Jan Jan for the lunch date! :)


Wan Sharif said...

I had four birthday celebrations this year.. Three I recorded in my blog, the other one I simpan gambar aje lah.. Nieces and nephews always want to join my birthday celebs.. Good tasty free Makan and nicehadiah for them from my better half ..maybe their reasons;))).. So happy birthday dearest friend..

∂a∂yana said...

happy birthday kak ida. wish u good health and happy with kids & hubby as always. :D stay beautiful! ;)

mr_abs said...

best na sushi :(

Nur68 said...

Happy birthday Ida, may you be blessed with health, wealth and bountiful of happiness.

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thanks so much you all! Honestly, I can't wait to feel the big 40 :D

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