Friday, June 29, 2012

That 11 Year Old Nike School Bag

Time flies. Really flies...

My little birds are leaving the nest. I'm feeling heartsick :/

Seri joined her Kak Ayu this month at the UiTM, and before I know it,
it's soon gonna be Hani's turn. 

Seri posing (rear view only!) for a second in the middle of their dorm hall way

'Oh my blog Seri! Mama need to document this image girl...'

'Ok Maaaaaa... quick now with that shot. No, not my face! Back pose fine lah ma. 
Already..? Done?? Dah kah??'

'Hold on girl.. and don't movvvvve.., hold it.. #teKek!# OK DoNe!"

I didn't think she was serious when she said she's gonna take her 11 year old Nike school bag with her. I mean, does any of you still have your Standard 1 school bag?? No, I'm not kidding. This IS her one and only school bag peeps...! Except during exam weeks, she has other mini sling bags she uses to stash couple of books & stationeries. If it was me, I'd ask for a reward from my parents! Heheee... this is as good as slashing my own wrist :p Let's hope Seri doesn't read this okay? ;)

Errmm... imagine if the bag is handed down to my grandchildren (Seri's children), now.., that'd be something! :D

Have a good weekend! :)


Azmi said...

Wow!!! Amazing!

Ida BorneoLove said...

Yup! it is kinda awesome :)

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